Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My favorite things

In the selfish interest of having a chance to win this:

I am playing along with the butterfly effect and answering ten questions about me.

I. What is your favorite flower to bring to your enemy’s grave?
The grave is a place of memories so I'd bring forgetmenots.
II. What is your favorite bird to dress up as if you were in a parade?
III. What is your favorite pet quality you’d like to own?
Cat~the ability to just walk away; Dog~eternal optimism
IV. Which one of your favorite celebrities would you marry if you could?
Michael Caine
V. What is your favorite food to order when your in-laws are paying for the meal?
Something involving booze.
VI. What is your favorite drink to accidentally spill on a person you like?
VII. What is your favorite destination to vacation and/or live if you won a million dollars?
London town
VIII. What is your favorite color to wear to your best friend’s wedding?
Indian yellow
IX. What is your favorite book or/and book character you’d take with you on a lonely island?
I Ching
X. What is your favorite song to sing in the shower?
My Sweet Lord by George Harrison

We are to do something creative as well so this was the excuse to go ahead and try out something I've been planning inside of my head for about a year now. It's a zine/littlebook made from a used tea bag sheet of paper. Here is the cover which features an india ink sketched bird and a quick collage. As tea bag paper is impossibly thin you can see that it bleeds easily and tears even more easily. Both a rip and a bleed come with the territory on this cover. So here is my prototype of my zine which I plan to make for my etsy shop.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to see you soon. *smiles* Norma


  1. Are you serious...your making a book from an old teabag??? That is amazing and weird to the nth degree ha! What size is it?
    Oh and I love the thought of you dressing up as a budgie lol

  2. Fabulous, Norma! I can't imagine working on something this fragile. :) Thanks for playing along with the questions. I had to google what budgie is. :)) They were my first and only pet until I was 20 years old. Love them!

  3. Ooh can't wait to see the zine. I like that dog eternal optimism, got that right and budgies, who doesn't love them. xox corrine

  4. Gina: 1.5" wide X 2" tall (about). Front and back cover and 4 pages (2 sheets) inside.
    Everyone: budgies are sweet aren't they? My last bird (Dude) used to go to sleep on command (he'd close both of his eyes and sometimes peek though), and he would also put up one of his feet and tuck it under to stand on one foot on command (I'd say 'put your foot up Dude'). He was a very smart boy whom I completely bonded with. My budgie currently (I purchased her for the sole purpose to be the paramour of Dude's...it didn't work out...Dude tried but couldn't figure out what to do)...named 'Ola' turned out to be a real bitch to poor Dude. I had to put them in separate cages as Ola ate all of the food and she'd pick on him. Since Dude passed a few years ago Ola's beak has turned blue so maybe she is a male wannabee. Who knows.

  5. I had a female budgie whose beak turned blue which always fascinated me. Transexual budgies were not something I'd ever heard of!!

    This paper is incredible. You have lots of patience to work with something so delicate!

  6. A sweet little zine... I would love to try something along those lines, very inspired & so fragile & precious! Loved finding out more about you with the Q&A, loved the animal qualities... walk away & eternal optimism - beautiful :)

  7. So delicate! You must be very patient :)

    I love the bit about a dog's eternal optimism....isn't that the truth!

  8. Great answer! Teabag paper? Looks delicate and interesting.


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