Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fairy Postcard from Wales

Wales is the most colorful beautiful spot that Samuel has visited this journey to date. She is simply in love with it and could easily find herself living here she thinks.

Though she is a bit chilly writing the post card...

She knows that in the The Fairyhedgepig Kingdom the postal service is headed by a very adroit fastidious postmaster general who is a carrier pigeon and whose nickname is Pidge. So she doesn't worry about such things a postage stamps. Although she thinks that the stamp from Wales probably would have been very colorful and fun.

Thanks for dropping in. To see more fabby postcards visit here


  1. Lovely postcard and beautiful writing. Always fun to get a postcard from far away!

  2. gorgeous colours, a really fun abstract type landscape painting.

  3. Sending mail with a pigeon would be a relieve... Todays mail is not what it has been! :)
    Love the colors of your card and the writing is fun! ♥

  4. Fabulous art style on your card this week, gloriously colourful :D XXX

  5. Love your grogeous colours, really pretty card! M

  6. How very Special to get a postcard from a Welsh Fairy ... Goodness knows there's lots of magic in the painting ... so be careful ( Ha Ha) ..Save some for a rainy day , Sweet Fairy Yellowbug...( Sprinkle Sprinkle)

  7. Spectacular postcard with lovely colours. Samuel needs to wear a vest to keep the cold out.

    Janet xx

  8. Such vibrant colours, fabulous.
    Jen x

  9. I just love the vibrant saturated colors...gorgeous place for a fairy to live. aloha.

  10. I am frantically trying to visit before it is 'next weeks' postcard - thank you so much for coming over to look at mine last week, I do lvoe your use of colour for the walse week, see you later for 'cuba'!


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