Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fairy Postcard from Cuba

Samuel is staying for a few days in a heliconia greenhouse, next door to where a band holds practice sessions. She's enjoying herself and taking in all of that color and delicious scent.

It is warm in Cuba, but with an ocean breeze that cools everything perfectly, though making her a tad homesick. But the music playing nearby fills her heart with joy.

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  1. What lovely handwriting and a colourful picture to go with thoughts of Cuban music!
    I love the look of your pound cake below. I hope you got your eabags sorted!

  2. lovely card, what is the texture? is that tissue paper or serviette?

    that cake looks flippin gorgeous! I am intrigued about the teabags, do I need to start saving mine?

  3. Lovely vibrant postcard. Had a look at the cake too, yummy.
    Jen x

  4. beautiful colors. I can hear the music.

  5. Gorgeous vibrant coours and I love the texture, tissue? M

  6. Beautiful colours and a great postcard. I can almost smell the perfume.

    Janet xx

  7. This is such a pretty card. It almost looks like tissue paper. My gosh, the colors are beautiful. Makes me anxious for spring.

  8. Beautiful spiders eye view through the plants in the greenhouse :D XXX

  9. Yes, definately Heliconia! I love this plant! ♥
    Your card looks very tropical, I could use the splash of color with the sad weather we've been having lately! :)

  10. Hi everyone! Well the paper is cigarette paper...I thought I'd dry it out for this fairy postcard. My cards are 2" X 3" so I had to first join 3 papers together and then ironed them flat. Then I did a watercolor painting but holy cow the paper w-r-i-n-k-l-e-s when it gets wet and I flooded it with washes. I ironed it out as flat as I could but it gave a crepe effect in the end. I touched it with colored pencils as well. What I learned is that cigarette paper prefers a dry touch. Also a light touch.
    Thanks so much for all of your comments about the paper. *smiles* Norma


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