Saturday, February 18, 2012


I am so pleased to have been nominated the Liebster Blog Award by the incredibly talented Diana Taylor, over at Velvet Moth Studio. Thank you Diana!

I now get the chance to nominate five other blogs that I love or find inspirational - soooo difficult to pin it down to just 5!

The Liebster Award is given to bloggers who have up to 200 followers in the hope it will bring them new followers and friends. The tradition is that it is then passed on to five other bloggers to help them too.

To accept the award you need to:
1. Link back to the person's blog who gave you the award and thank them
2. Post the Award on your blog
3. Give the award to five fellow bloggers who inspire you
4. Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know

It has been very difficult to choose five blogs but I have gone for the following as they are ones I have recently visited the most, and enjoyed very much:

1. Raven's Rest Studio

2. Sparkle Days Studio

3. Artful Fairy Tales

4. Fairy Rocks and Things

5. Bois-fleurie

They are all well worth a visit - enjoy!


  1. Well done to you on the blog award and well done on all your creative pieces. Really enjoying see everything.
    Lynn x

  2. awh...
    how sweet are you!
    i graciously accept
    this lovely award
    and i shall greet
    your kindness with
    a smile in my HEART
    and a link back to you!
    be in touch shortly

  3. Thank you for the award ,I.m pleased you have it as you blog often makes me smile and and also you make such interesting things.
    hugs jill

  4. Love your ever bubbling creativity Norma, thanks for the thoughts to my studio. xox Corrine

  5. Congratulations Norma!!
    I love coming to visit you too.You have such a creative inventive mind and are so generous in sharing your inspiration. I feel very honored and humbly accept your award nomination. I know I am in good company.


Your comments make my day! Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


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