Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tulle, tulle, tulle...[WOYWW175]

Need I say more? I buy it by the bags full. People get married...decorate their celebration spot...scrunch the yards and yards and yards of tulle into bags and donate them to the thrift shop. I buy the bags for $1.49 and $2.99 or thereabouts. People also stuff their entire wedding veil (these are always white) into bags as well. I buy those as I cannot resist. Here is what I make with the materials:
Birds, birds and more birds. These are the beginning of my seasonal 'batch' (stores order them at this time of year.) I am particularly in love with this little beauty. A yellow bird with black beak and who will have sparkly black legs/feet. He is a special bird that I am making as a birthday gift for a friend that I met on line:
This darling is the sole bird left over from last year's season. All of the rest have flown away to live with folk. I always keep the one bird to just remind myself of what they really look like. So that when I begin the marathon, I don't have to strain the brain about questions constructional:
The wee thing has not yet been banded. All of my birds get a banding on one of their legs. Every bird I have ever made has got its' own number. Really, I put a number on just as I am making it. That way, each one is an individual. I am up to in the 80s. The number is pasted onto heavy cardboard and given the 'Tim Holtz' treatment, and is hung on the ankle area with a little ring.
To see more lucious work areas, visit Julia where she will link you to well over a hundred folk who show what they are up to today. It's eye candy galore, and a ton of fun.
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  1. You brave! I sewed with tulle one time to make a "stick-out" under skirt for my daughter and vowed to never, ever work with it again! LOL

  2. Wow this is such a great tip ... can't do it though ... I can just see our house looking like an episode of hoarders if I even go there. Maybe someday when I move to a bigger place.

    Happiness always

  3. Visions of The Wedding Singer are flooding my mind as I gaze at the sparkly tulle! Love your creative little birds - so wonderful ~*~Lisa

  4. I love your birdies. A great idea.
    That quote looks like one of my stamps or did you generate it on the computer?


    1. Hi Carol! I have books of quotes that I use in my work. Sometimes I use photocopies and sometimes I type them out using my old manual typewriter from the 40s, and sometimes I cut the quote directly from the book (the daily meditation books are what I use for this). This quote is cut from the book. *smiles* Norma

  5. Wow! So much tulle - the birds are delightful! xxoo, sus


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