Sunday, October 21, 2012

dc81: Ghost

Ghost of the Night Shift [at B.C. Sugar Refinery]
She looks pretty alive here, as you can see through her but I used tea bag paper as a ground and it is skintoned sort of. I am the host of the drawing challenge for this week and have chosen the theme: GHOST. Everyone is invited to participate and all you have to do to join in is to leave a comment on this post. On Saturday and Sunday of this coming weekend, the 27 & 28th October, just do your own post with GHOST as the theme. You can do whatever you want. Photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, knitting, whatever it is that you do. I will be linking all of the participants' blogs here so your post will be easily accessible.
Ghost of the Night Shift is painted in acrylics on a leaf of used tea bag paper.
Here is a shot of the B.C. Sugar Refinery factory:
It is a landmark on the waterfront dockyards in East Vancouver, and is a stones' throw from where I live. Every time I go downtown, I pass the building. I've been passing it for 40 years and counting.
Thanks for dropping in today. I hope to see you again soon, *smiles* Norma
The Players: Ariane, Sabine, Mano, Susan, Renilde, Kim, Jill, Stefanie, Helen, Nadine


  1. dear Norma,

    I am going to Finland
    visiting my brother and his family
    I will not join this time

    Patrice A.

  2. Dear Norma,
    huhuhu... please count me in...

    x Ariane.

  3. Dear Norma,
    the Sugar Refinery looks like a part of a Charles Dickens Story.
    I like the ghost theme...especially for this time of the year.
    So I would like to take part.
    Thanks and regards

  4. hi norma, I'm not at home for from friday, but I'll try to prepare some creepy ghosts...
    ;-) mano

  5. Wow, the sugar refinery looks mighty haunted to me! I will expose some ghosts of my own if you will count me in for this great Halloween challenge. xxoo, sus

  6. A wonderful piece Norma. There is a lot of feeling and emotion to be found in that figure.

  7. count me in please Norma,
    very pretty little work and a touching ghost, xx

  8. Norma, this is so entrancing, I just love it!

  9. Boo! Count me in and I will do my best to post- if you can't see it, then maybe I will have gone too far and made it totally ghost like invisible!! Jill

  10. please count me in, dear Norma
    a spooky kiss to you

  11. wow I love the artwork Norma count me in please will have fun with this one

    Helen :)

  12. Ohhh, what memories you ahave brought to me...My Mum used to drive down to the BC Sugar Refinery to meet a fellow who sold Irish Sweepstakes tickets. He worked the evening shift so it was just after supper and just before our bed time and she would drive down adn meet him in the parking lot and buy the tickets.
    As kids, we were all sworn to secrecy about what we were doing there.
    She bought tickets for herself and for my grandparents. They won twice! Enought to go back to England and live for a year till the prize money ran out and a second time were they went for about 6 months! Lucky devils!!!

    Thanks for the memories...I live in the Lower Mainland too. I grew up in Burnaby Heights although it was not called that then!!!

    1. Awesome memories my friend!! My step dad purchased the Irish Sweepstake Tickets via the royal mails. He would smoke hand rolled cigarettes (rollies) and slowly drink his beer while studying the sheet and making his choices. He thoroughly enjoyed the whole process you could tell. I don't know if he ever won anything. I am amazed that your family won TWICE. That is awesome. Oh, and by the way, I had two Aunts who lived in Burnaby Heights side by side and they had a falling out and while still living side by side for decade after decade after decade, stopped talking to one another. Family members would visit first one, then the other. Christmases were tricky. Oh to live there now. That area is beyond the pale fabby these days. That view!!!!! What a fun time sharing memories. Hugs, Norma, x

  13. wow, norma, that's... i like that. the fact you pass by this amazing building on such a regular basis and the relation to the posture you've painted. in miniature, yet again. it is your trademark, isn't it? wonderfully, sober impressions.
    ps - i love the stories in these here last comment and reply. i have just started the latest joyce carol oates, and i may be biased, but life is uncanny, and these memories of both of you, so rich!
    anyway. lovely.

  14. Hi Norma, my ghost challenge post is up...this was so much fun, thank you!


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