Saturday, October 6, 2012

Drawing Challenge [78] Birthday

Birthday Bird
Our theme this week for the drawing challenge is 'birthday' which was chosen by our talented and generous and wonderful host this week, Stefanie!! Because it really is her birthday today, and because I have just started the rush to make the bevy of birds I make to sell during the Christmas Season (store orders), I decided to make a small gift of a bird for Stefanie for her birthday. This black bird will not be the birthday gift (I actually put this together as a giveaway for a blog hop I am doing later) and I'm showing it just so you can see what a bird looks like. Stefanie will be getting blue, or yellow, or red, or pink, or whatever the muse dictates. I know that Stefanie will like it no matter what.
The message on this black bird says "be willing to know what you know." and for a black bird at Halloween time this is very helpful. There's a lot of ghouls out there!! Bwaaaaaaahaaaaaaa!!
This bird is a part of the drawing challenge and really, the only thing I can think of to allow it to qualify, is that it was designed by me in the first place. Even though I have been making these for years. At least they are new to this drawing group. So, fellow artists, I hope you like my bird. And Stefanie, I hope you will like your birthday bird when you get it. (I have to make it first, HA!!) To see more creative offerings with this theme pop over to Stefanie's blog which is highlighted above, and you will be taken to the players for this week. I know you will enjoy this! Hope to see you again soon, *smiles* Norma


  1. i do love your birds Norma!! i wish I had your talent!!!!!
    a very happy Natal Anniversary to Stefanie.

  2. be willing to know what you know. whoever quoted this? you did? i love it! smashing, quite so.

    that's the power of the muse too. the bird will come out any which way it does. which is a good thing. the chicken wire gives this bird an eerie aspect!

  3. Oh how

    Dear Norma, thank you so much
    x♥ Stefanie

  4. i love birds and i LOVE yours, this one is filled with your sparkling energy, follow your muse, it's a great one, x

  5. Yay Norma..what a gorgeous soul..this sweet bird has stolen my heart..I am smitten!! So beautiful!
    Thanks for your kind visit!!
    Have a wonderful day my friend!

  6. I love your bird very much - great work, dear norma!!!
    :-)) mano


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