Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mysterious Carnivale

Ladies and gentleman may I have your attention please. It seems, due to unforseen circumstances that our show must be delayed for a day. You can use your silver ticket above, to gain entry to the grounds if you choose. We have set up tents and you can rest there while you wait. All of the food and drinks and refreshments (eye of bat and ear of oh what was it...frog I think...or maybe it was newt.) Anyway, everything is FREE and you can wander around wherever you want. The actual show won't begin until tomorrow though, so if you want you can just come back then. We have had such bad luck (too many broken mirrors to tell you about here) this year. Part of our acts got waylaid along the roadside, and some of the acts have outright quit, or are threatening to...the Mistress of Ceremonies is insisting to change her contract to read "Queen of Ceremonies" so we have to see our lawyers...and so it goes. A real hullabaloo. So we're going to try to put together a ragtag bunch of performers for you and our show is very much smaller than we had hoped. But we will get the show on the road so to speak tomorrow.
So, if you stay, remember, everything is FREE, and if you choose to go back home, I do hope you will come back to see what we have to offer.
There is a black bird which will be a giveaway and a name will be chosen from the comments section next Saturday. Please feel free to leave a comment at any time to be sure you are IN for the drawing. The bird will be shown later on, along with whatever acts we've managed to cobble together. And so with that we bid you adieu for this evening, and may you all have the magic stardust in your eyes. Good night from the fairyyellowbugqueen and her helpers. We do hope to see you soon, *hugs* Norma


  1. cannot stay, lots to do, but ofcourse and certainly will use my silver ticket to get in again, x

  2. Hi! Very fun! Ill be sure to take a look around! Gotta love the free part! lol Thanks for sharing! Happy Halloween! :)


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