Saturday, October 13, 2012

Driftwood Offering [dc79]

The theme this week, for the drawing challenge is DRIFTWOOD. The title of my piece is "Driftwood Offering" which is a chunk of driftwood, done in a kind of abstract collage style. I used onion skin paper dyed lightly with walnut ink and mod-podged onto a leaf of used tea bag paper. As I consider this an offering to whatever gods may be listening, I typed the message: "And thus may I and all beings in space receive blessings" and I hope that this will be so. Here's my finished piece:
The materials used are: tea bag paper, onion skin paper from an old beautiful bible which I use for art, walnut ink, typewritten words, and mod podge:
The first bit of onion skin paper is soaking in ink:
The first bit is laid down:
The second bit is laid down and the third put into the ink bath:
The third bit laid in, and the last small bit soaking:
And that is all there is to it! The words on the onion skin paper are from a German Bible in old German, and the quote is from a new book about how to meditate. It is one of the things that are said in the Buddhist temple. I kind of like to mix up my religions in my art. Thank you to Mano for choosing such a great theme for us. Have a visit to her blog to see the players for this challenge. You will see a variety of wonderful art creations. Everyone is welcome to join in the challenges, and if you are interested, visit Ariane who keeps things going. Bless us all and I hope to see you again soon, *smiles* Norma


  1. ahhhh... perfection, norma. and yes, may we all be blessed! oh wait! we ARE!!!

    : )


  2. dearest norma, your work is such a beauty - I love the combination of fine teabag and old paper, german paper(!). your message is wonderful - thank you so much - for your words and for participation! :-) mano

  3. your dedication to such small works of art always impresses me especially the intricate details that you are able to evoke.
    This is really special Norma.

    Have a great day Helen :)

  4. love the poetry in your work. beautiful!

  5. I love this, especially the aged look with the bits of color and old paper. Really gorgeous!

  6. 'Kinder Gottes'... 'Children of GOD'
    Many levels in your poetic artpiece here, dear Norma!
    Wonderful... lovely.

    x Ariane.

  7. you're a poetic alchemist dearest Norma and always comming to an intriguing result, xx

  8. beautiful romantic sensitive aesthetic ... a poetic alchemist - thanks to Renilde - that is the best word

  9. This is very beautiful, as well as inspiring.

  10. Your peace of art looks mystic and it seems to hide all the meanings and portentous words behind the books and other papers it is made of. And what a meditative manufacturing process! Beached wood in a very different kind...
    I like it very much.

    Greets, Katja

  11. So delicate and ethereal! I love it...where do you find walnut ink?? or is that just the name of the color...

    1. Hi Kristen! Thank you for your words!! Walnut ink is just walnut crystals (available everywhere...probably even Michaels', but for sure ON LINE...I'd phone any art/craft supply store near you) that are sprinkled in to a bit of water. A few crystals go a long way. I use the little sesame seed holder dish and just let the ink dry up between using it. Then I just add a teensy bit of water and it just reconstitutes to an ink once again. If it gets too diluted, then just sprinkle in a few more granules of walnut crystals. I forget if the original walnut part used is the husk of the nut, or the bark of the tree, or that black sour membrane that separates the walnut meat inside the nut. In any event, it is one of the magical offerings that nature gives us! Hugs, N. x

  12. Oh so very very lovely as always Norma! I also loved seeing the images of the process. Beautiful!

  13. I really like your driftwood interpretation, dear Norma. The photos of the little dish for soaking are perfection, too. Yes, may we all be blessed in this new week! xxoo, sus

  14. and here's your how-to as well. i'm telling you, the gods are listening!
    i love your outcome, always fragile.

  15. Hi Norma, you made me blush.
    I only write one word after other,
    and when I draw or paint, I only guided the pencil or brush with my left hand, but I do not think being a wonderful artist as you say, but, I do from my heart, so maybe you liked what I did :)
    I have something to tell you, too
    I gave a look at your blog, and you know what? to me you are an artist with total creative freedom, and that's something I feel that I have not!!!!
    I like what you do and as I became your follower :))))))))))
    Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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