Sunday, October 7, 2012


Attention! Attention! It is nice to see you all here ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. The attendant has taken all of your silver tickets, and as you have all been seated I see, we will get on with the show!
I see that we have some guests from out of town. Welcome!
And others who have come from a long way!
Please feel free to leave your hats on, we have some flying bats in an aerial performance and (ahem) they have not had as much practice as they would have liked.
There is seating for all. Everyone is welcome here.
Our opening act is 'wolfie' who can sing an entire Beijing street opera in one breath.
Then we have 'tigs' who is a happy sort. I forget what he was going to do folks. Some sort of balancing act. Let's see what he does.
Pinkie will be in the parade at some point...and he's joining the" Prince" outside later where they will be giving rides.
Owl will be doing some sort of balancing act on a twig involving strings of some sort.
Sprite and his friend have practiced another balancing act.
Samuel will be doing a contortion act. He's an expert at squeezing through small places.
Flora was going to do a high wire ballet but her face got eaten by mice. She is very sad not to be a part of this extravaganza.
Firebird will shoot balls of flame into the air.
Dawn and her companion will do a storytelling fest over at one of the smaller tents.
These gals will tell your fortune at the fortunetelling tent.
Kitty will give and demonstrate dancing lessons.
Another fortune teller.
And another fortune teller.
Sweetie will be handing out free candy.
Jack will be leading the clowns in a scary very scary act.
There is tea cup readings as well in the tea, coffee, and whiskey tent.
The bird woman is in the tent of curiosities.
And lastly, folks, we have the "Prince" who will be giving elephant rides outside later...
We hope you have enjoyed your visit. Remember, if you wish to be entered into the draw to win the bird that is the giveaway for this blog hop event, just leave a comment below on this post. Here is the bird.
Thank you for dropping by today. The original circus turned to shambles, what with threatened law suits, and actors getting lost on the way and everything; I thought that it was a complete bust. But word got out, and a lot of old friends came to the rescue so that the show could go on. Hope to see you again soon, *smiles* Norma
Thank you to Marfi and Anna for putting together this fantastical event! It's a lot of hard work which we all appreciate. Thanks you two!!
To see more posts from those participating click on the silver ticket below: Click here for a link to the players!


  1. BRAVO! Bravo! Word of Flora's attack is spreading near and far. Please relay my sympathy. I had heard the prince was lost through the Diamond in the Window...glad to hear of his return! ~*~Lisa

  2. Great carnival and beautiful artwork!!

  3. wonderful show! I'm so happy to be a guest of your fantastic carnival!
    :-) mano
    ps: may I invite your for the next drawing challenge 13./14.oct.? I'm the host and the theme is DRIFTWOOD !

  4. :D You did a great job on your post. I am impressed with all of your artwork!

    Ricki Jill

  5. Loved all your Artsy creations for this Carnival! The fairy stole my heart!

  6. what a treat on a monday morning, i had seen of the actors before but i watched them again with great pleasure, surprises everywhere , wonderful performance Norma (loud applause here) xx

  7. I would like to see really fantastic Carnival live!

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  9. What a fabulous post Norma....I ADORE your owls!! xo

  10. Norma, I loved the carnival you presented here!!! Especial favorite, I must say, is Sweetie. Halloween is my very favorite candy holiday! xxoo, sus

  11. Sorry my post got all confused! (I'm new to this.) But just to say your artwork is amazing. I love your use of materials, especially the weaving around canvas. So glad you were able to post! :)

  12. What a wonderful creative carnival, your artwork is just awesome. Thanks for the show, I enjoyed every bit!

    The French Hutch

  13. Gorgeous creations and wonderful carnival post! I especially love Wolfie! I so enjoyed my visit!


  14. I love all of your magical characters, and especially the prince riding an elephant. I don't know why in the world everyone adopted cars when we could be riding elephants! We'd have to get some big shovels, of course, but . . .

  15. BRAVO!! I love it all, Norma. So many details, and you managed to make me smile ALL THE WAY through the entire performance. What a spectacular show, gotta love all the characters and commentary. This was my thought through it all...another bloggy friend who loves to imagine and play, YAY.

    I am so glad you enjoyed the carnival mystery over at our neck of the woods. Mr. Hound sends his love. ;) I'm also glad to see you'll be joining Vanessa's Halloween party too, so I look forward to seeing you there.
    Keep creating and dreaming.

  16. Love it! The perfect carnival!

  17. Hi Norma, Thanks for visiting my carnival, did you do all this art work? Wow!
    Very impressive, great carnival!

    1. Yes this was what 'saved' me in allowing me to cobble together a post for this event. I'd started with grand plans and completely ran out of time. I thought I'd have to pull out but then realized I might have some old visuals of stuff on flicker. I sure did. A bucket full of flat paper art dolls. So they came to the rescue. There is only the one thing that is not mine (one of the fortune teller gypsy gals.) N. x

  18. This was wonderful norma!
    Love all the amazing characters, thank you for sharing them with us.

  19. What a great show! Love all your artwork and the fascinating characters. Thank you so much for sharing with the carnival. Great silver ticket too :)


  20. Hi great post I especially loved the birds. Looking forward to seeing your Halloween party blog.


Your comments make my day! Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


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