Friday, October 19, 2012

Acorn leaf origami little book [dc 80]

LEAVES is the theme of this drawing challenge. I made an acorn leaf shaped little book in the origami style. Here it is open, with its' companion, a sprig of wool felted acorns:
There is a saying that anything worth doing is worth doing well but I just don't have the proper time right now. I'd love to explore this lazily, experimenting with collage and drawing and layering with tea bag paper, and mixed media and overall, coated with some lovely wax, but I am in full on bird making mode right now, for the Christmas season. Maybe in the new year, I'll revisit this book idea. Here it is closed (no time to give myself a manicure either, sorry):
Viewed from up close you can see how quickly I pulled this together (rough cut edges, etc.) but as I make it a habit not to 'explain' my art ever, I won't dwell on this. It is made fast, fast, fast. My daughter has been making felted acorns lately, so I borrowed a sprig of two caps and made a companion for the little book.
Our lovely host this week is Sabine and if you want to view a wonderful variety of responses to this theme, she has links to the players for this challenge. Thanks for dropping by today, and we'll see you soon I hope, *smiles* Norma
I posted early this week, as next weekend [Saturday, October 27 and Sunday, October 28] I will be the host and will do a separate post for that, probably on Monday so you can all sign up there. The theme will be: GHOST.
P.S. Hand written inside the acorn book contains this poem: OCTOBER October turned my maple's leaves to gold; The most are gone now; here and there one lingers. Soon these will slip from out the twig's weak hold, Like coins between a dying miser's fingers. ~~Thomas Bailey Aldrich
P.P.S. I know, the poem is about a maple but I'm letting it stand in for the Acorn. Ciao!


  1. I love this little book! It's beautiful and it fits really well in my mode right now: fall;-) So I hope you make some more! Wish you a nice weekend!

  2. Norma,i don't mind the rough edges, spontaneity has a charm of its own but i look forward to a more sofisticated version as i feel that it will be another little pearl(you're such an inventive 'little book' maker)
    enjoy the bird making, there must be quite some flocks flying around in the meantime, xx

  3. ps. i just visited your daughter's blog,she clearly inherited her mother's genes.

  4. never mind the roughness
    this is already a little treasure
    the shape is beautiful!
    I love that first image with the felted acorns

    happy weekend!

  5. Beautiful work and beautiful words!!!!

  6. Norma, I would love a tutorial some time next year when your birds have flown, in the technique used for this origami book. Fun to visit your daughter! -sus

    1. Absolutely, it's as easy as borscht!! I might get something together earlier than next year. Best to do it when fresh in the ol' noggin' ~~ HA~ Talk soon, N. xo

  7. Norma, I love this little book and the red acorns lying beside it! Lovely to get be back and even better to spend some time this evening catching up with what you've been up to lately. xo Carole

  8. yes, norma! more of this awesome books! I love it, the beautiful felted acorns, too.
    I looked to your daughters blog and I'm not surprised: like mother, like daughter!! so creative!
    ghost? a wonderful theme! see you tomorrow! :-) mano

  9. oh I love it Norma
    the little book is gorgeous and the acorns are sweet too!

    Have a great weekend
    Helen :)

  10. but i love you book and its autumn shape! norma, this is so appealing. i may try this at home, do you mind? and you are hosting next week? on a ghost? okay... but i'll come back here to properly take part!
    in reply; i couldn't agree more on your BBC musings, and the lining up of marshmallows, even though the latter has never been a tradition over here, not in our houses anyway. but i kindly fondle the idea. thank you so much for your lenghty comment, it warmed my heart on this wet sunday morning. with a day of loads of rummaging ahead, this is the best start!
    i also thought about you just last friday, as i was prying open a tea bag duo, to go inside a journal someplace. the taste of the tea is cammomile, honey and vanilla. now, you would think this is a marriage made in heaven? nope. the honey aroma is too strong, and as i was retreating to bed, i still smelled that honey on my finger tips! i've got to admit, i try, but i am not a honey lover....

  11. I love your little leaf shape books - what a great idea and this wonderful fluffy acorns makes me want to own them, hold them and play with them, they are so wonderful!

  12. Hi Norma, thank you for your comments and ideas to my post an sketches. I love this mini leave book, soo cute.

  13. I really love the mini acorn book - especially in combination with the wonderful red felt acorns.
    Thank you for participating
    ♥ Sabine

  14. I love this little book Norma, and the words are beautiful! It never matters how long something takes to make, hopefully you enjoyed the journey. I think it is perfect the way it is, as are those amazingly beautiful felted acorns! Wonderous!

  15. Dear Norma,
    I love your Acorn leaves, your handwriting and woolen Acorn!

    x Ariane.


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