Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tsunami Watcher

I belong to a drawing challenge group on line where we draw, paint, sculpt, knit, photograph, write, something that is around a 'theme' that someone in the group chooses. Two weeks ago we were given the theme 'driftwood' and a number of ideas came to my mind. The most exciting one for me was an image of a fallen totem that had been propped up lovingly by someone. The totem was looking to the sea and the spirit in the totem saw a tsunami coming from Japan. The reflection of what the spirit saw can be seen by the viewer. I'd planned to have everything in the drawing done in pencil and charcoal but have the eye image in color. So I started drafting out the drawing and realized that it would take me two months to draw, not two days. So I abandoned it and went back to my usual tea bag size.
As I lay in bed listening to CBC last evening, the news came on about the earthquake in Haida Gwaii. I listened intently and then went to sleep. Later, when I woke up for a moment I switched on the radio to see what else had happened, if anything. Then I remembered my totem with the tsunami in the eye and thought to myself that the totems in Haido Gwaii would be watching for a tsunami.
Today I remembered my drawing plan again and the idea to post would not let me go so I decided to show you my rough rough planning for a drawing. Here it is:
Here is a close up of the vision in the eye of the totem:
And here is the drawing (lightly drafted):
One day I hope to complete the drawing. Have a nice day, everyone! *smiles* Norma


  1. Norma this looks so lovely. I do hope you find the time some day to work towards finishing it. I also want to thank you for the beautiful comment you left on my post today. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  2. Just popped by to wish you a Happy Halloween!

  3. Such a great idea Norma... You always amaze me with your insight...BIG HUGS


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