Thursday, November 22, 2007

Working through it

Getting the facts straight
I'm slowly putting the correct language on the blogs so that they will link.Surely I am not the only computer challenged soul in this world! Bear with me.
I've been pouring through magazines to see the seasonal decor and current craft delights. There's just nothing like the photos in mags. to get me all excited and inspired. I choose extra long lines at the grocery checkout so I can look, look, look at page after page of visual wonderful. I have so many ideas to try out and hopefully will be able to get to some of them.
But first there is that birthday cake to be made!
The forest is a happy place today. I see lots of activity as I look through the window. Lots of leaf raking; though I do see children running and jumping on the piles. I see the mail delivery bird just over the next mound, and even a full line of clothes hanging outside on this November day in the Kingdom. Ta!

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