Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is the story of ...

a gal who learned that one must take time to do things with thought...with respect...with presence.

I began a blog. I was excited. My fingers flew~~so fast that I couldn't figure out my correct password as I attempted to post the second time, and the blog host couldn't either; so I started another blog but couldn't use the spelling of the blog that I lost. So I spelled my name differently and my fingers began to fly. But gee I just never settled in to a different spelling. It was NOT me. So my fingers fell silent. Then my camera gave me grief. So I couldn't take pictures for the blog. Then my scanner blew up so I couldn't scan pictures for the blog. The blog withered on the vine. Months have passed. I think of you out there. All I have for you is words. But the blog was spelled wrong and was NOT me. My voice was silenced. But in the silence while the world we live in turned and turned in the quiet of idea came to me...that is THIS blog. The real me~~my real name that is. The idea was to let you all meet the real me. The Queen who lives in a Kingdom in the deep of a forest in a community where so much life goes on.
So I thoughtfully and carefully typed in the data while I set up this blog online. I typed the data on to file cards using my old best friend~~a Smith-Corona portable manual typewriter. The data is right here in front of me on a file card in an old metal file card holder and now I can contact you any time I wish (if I forget a password or anything like that.) And while I have a sketchy camera that isn't working presently; and while my scanner blew up so isn't working at all; I have words.

It rains in the forest. Beetles scurry to the corner store before it closes for the night. They are making german scrap Victorian children with tinsel and glitter adornment and have run out of glue. Their holiday decorations will spiff up their home in a grand manner. They will have an annual open house and invite the whole community to come for friendship, esprit de corps, fruitcake (their favorite) and maybe a wee glass of sherry. There'll be plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to choose from as well. Apple cider is always a crowd pleaser. Well time for Belinda to get going. It's starting to bluster out there...ta!

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