Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Birthday to Remember

Yesterday brought a birthday party to remember! Not just because I was surrounded by my beloved family, but mostly because of the cake that I baked. A chocolate cheesecake. My first. I hate cheesecake. But for the 50 and then some years that I've hated it I've known all along that really, I was missing something. And I'd say to people "I hate cheesecake but I know I'm missing out on something." So I've been nibbling here and there throughout the past 40 years or so since I tasted my first bite, and slowly but slowly I've honed my taste and learned what works for me...BAKED...high quality ingredients...none of the low-fat stuff...flavored with quality ingredients...real booze...or real fruit...for sure real chocolate. I owed my daughter a home baked cake for her birthday which was this past August, and so I took the plunge. Made it, ate it, and loved it! Photos were taken but it's a visual that is just a round brown thing with cracks (my learning curve) on the top. Believe me it was a thing of beauty. My daughter loved it and I loved it and the kids were over the moon.
This day in the forest will bring a day of discovery. I'm going to haul out my papier mache making equipment--mostly a bunch of old stainless steel pots, wooden spoons, old disgarded blenders, strainers I'm wanting to make faces--molded and then painted. I've been dreaming of these faces! We shall see what transpired...Ta!

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  1. Happy belated birthday. A GOOD cheesecake is definitely a thing of beauty. I'm glad you've discovered what you like. Chocolate cheesecake is one of my favorites, and you're right: It must be *baked*.


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