Saturday, November 17, 2007

Found treasures

Oh what fun it is to...
Open the door and find at the stoop a complete little papier mache sparkly village all set up with old browned snow batt as the base background and little bottle brush trees around! Merci has been at it again. She's always up for a fun surprise. I just know this is her handiwork at play. Guess she's all fired up and inspired by the season's playthings when her beetle friend gave her a decoration that she'd made. Well I am going to set up this little village on my west facing window and add to it from time to time. Meanwhile I'm going to search out my glittery stuff for the season's celebration.
Guess what I found! Some of my decorations that I'd made a few years ago. I found only one box and I know there's more somewhere around here; and, IF I properly get the camera/technology to work for me I will upload some photos for you. Ta!

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