Thursday, November 15, 2007

tea with Merci

Well I was just finishing up the breakfast dishes when a knock came at my door. It was Merci. You haven't met her yet. She's the oldest sister in the very large mouse family who live next door to Mrs. Beetle and her family. She'd been visiting Belinda (they are fast friends) and was shown the growing collection of German scrap Victorian children decorations that are being made in the living room at the Beetle family homestead. Belinda kindly gave one to Merci although they are meant to be given out at the annual party. So I've seen what they are going to look like. If I can figure out the camera bug I'll hopefully be able to take a snap to show you!
Until then...let me say that there's REAL gold leaf stars on the crepe skirts. Well I must get back to the household duties. Tea with Merci turned out to be a real gab fest! Ta.

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