Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random Act of Kindness

Melody is one in a million...
I'd gone out to the auction down by the old junk pile, and full of plans for the things I'd seen and plan to bid on, I hurried home to make a cup of hot orange pekoe tea. It was raining dreadfully as the saying goes although I didn't mind it one little bit. I've been planning to set up my Christmas tree~~a table top one this year. I was going to read my new poetry book--well, new old because I got it at a used bookstore and really it is new to me but is an old book. The paper is laid and the edges are sort of ruffley.
The kettle started to whistle and the cookies were set out on the plate and the tree was dressed~~well actually it was bare because I put the tree on a silver platter and had the glass balls all around it on the platter and then once I put up the star on top I decided that I liked the green of the tree so I am just going to enjoy it that way. I poured the hot water into the teapot and set it out to steep. I gathered my new old poetry book and plate of cookies and sugar and cream and was just about to settle in to a good read when the doorbell rang.
It was Melody. Merci's younger sister. In her hand she held a wee bundle of the bluest of blue posies that you have ever set eyes on. The blue of the flower heads were set off by the very dark green of the stem and leaves. I've never seen flowers quite like these. She'd wrapped them in a white linen handkerchief trimmed with a delicate border of crochet edging. You just wouldn't believe that on a rainy cold day in November in the forest, that there could be such a wonderful thing. I held them up to my cheek. The smell! Oh my gosh they were something else. I pulled Melody in out of the cold and into the hallway and insisted that she stay and have a cup of Orange Pekoe tea and cookies. She took off her galoshes and rainhat and sat down smiling to join me.
Apparently she'd been out on an errand and had passed by the village church. In the yard she noticed the blue and went to investigate. The gardener had just been to the greenhouses and had brought back these plants to edge the walkway. When she admired them he gave her a little bunch. And while she went about her errands she decided to give them to me. She was just going to leave them by my door she said but then noticed that the light was on so gave a knock.
We shared a few cups of tea while we admired the posies and read poetry. I think Melody is about as nice a friend as anyone could ever have.Ta!

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