Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Technology snag

Apologies offered...
Blog no. 3 seems to have run into a technology snag. I will try to figure it out but I am a slow study when it comes to the computer and it's wonders.Apparently my links to blogs aren't activated.
All is well over here in the forest. Today is a day for clearing out decayed leaves and starting a compost. The fucshia has begun a second bloom for the season as it's been so warm and wet lately. But as the evenings are getting towards the freezing point, it is time to dismantle the garden fountain and turn it upside down. So there'll be lots of activity in the yard this day. I plan to spend some time concentrating on the computer snag.
Yesterday returneth not;
Perchance to-morrow cometh not;
There is today; misuse it not.

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