Monday, November 12, 2007


Poetry reading...
Mrs. Beetle sat reading the war letter and felt very heavy indeed. The icing was drying on the cookies that she'd planned to feed her family for breakfast that day. As she carefully folded the letter and was about to place it back to its' spot in the sewing box she noticed the corner of a lovely colored bit of paper poking through the seambinding bundle. She teased it out and read:
To every natural form, rock, fruit, or flower, Even the loose stones that cover the highway, I gave a mortal life: I saw them feel Or linked them to some feeling; the great mass Lay bedded in some quickening soul, and all That I beheld respired with inward meaning. William Wordsworth "The Prelude"

Mrs. Beetle thought that she'd love to meet this Wordsworth fellow one day.

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