Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wishing you JOY and HOPE

Sending out wishes for JOY and HOPE in your lives... I've been tidying up the studio and came across a few more unfinished papier mache eggs to add to the stash. I also came across this wee bird who has only one tail feather left, and one eye. His age is showing, much like mine. We want to sent out greetings to you all. See you soon, I hope! Norma, x


  1. Thank you, Norma. Sincere wishes for hope and joy for you too. It was a wonderfully sunny day here and an opportunity to wrestle with the tangle in the garden and walk the shoreline below the house at sunset, camera in hand. I stood at the tideline and watched as the ocean raced away from my feet back out to the channel as low tide approached. Many mediocre photos were taken, and yet a good time was had anyway! Cindi

  2. We had a lovely walk over the Lancashire moors, very cold but we were well wrapped up. Then we spotted two woodpeckers in the trees outside our house. It's time of get the camera out I think.
    Happy Easter, I enjoyed your posting today.
    Lynn :-)

  3. Norma, your art gives me joy and hope, always. I have enjoyed catching up on your last few posts (so flippin' busy the past week i had to stay away from Blogland). I love what you are doing with the candy wrappers. Your birds are joy bringers! xxoo, sus

  4. Your one feathered red bird is adorable!
    xo Carole

  5. Dear Norma, thank you so much for your wonderful (and informative) comment on my blog! Your blog is lovely, filled with joy and hope and I wish you a beautiful spring time. Oh, and I love your stitched birds!

  6. Happy easter & spring, dear Norma

    Best wishes & much love,



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