Friday, March 1, 2013

Fate Keeps Happening; searching for buttons

Here is my second attempt at doing collage. This time, a post card. I have to apologize if anyone is offended because I cannot read the Old German Script writing. I don't know the content and I chose it because of the beautiful lettershapes. If it is really inappropriate, will you please let me know!! Here is what the card looked like before I applied the final layer of Dorland's wax:
The wax obliterates the fuzzy paper bits that are left on with the gel transfers I used in this piece. Nothing is perfect, in life, or in art. I am ignoring the imperfect bits and won't bore you by pointing them out. My complete purpose in doing these pieces, is to learn. I am having so much fun, and must say a hearty thank you to BarbaraBee for inspiring me to begin to do collage, AND to Kim for teaching me about the Dorland's wax in the first place. My tip o' the hat to you two ladies.
Thanks for dropping in today, and I hope to see you soon. *smiles* Norma, x
p.s. see the little hole in the rose in the middle of the scene? I'm going to cover it over with a stick-on bee.


  1. Norma, you have said it all: 'My complete purpose in doing these pieces, is to learn. I am having so much fun...'
    happy weekend, sus

  2. a beautiful collage Norma.
    Dorland's wax...going to visit Kim....i must know!!!
    wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Hey Norma, I can't help you with the translation but the German letter shapes are beautiful. Did you stamp them on or were they transferred? xo Carole

  4. Lovely collage Norma!! LOve the mixture of all the bits and how you have turned it into one... love that you added some of your own lines and shapes (oh i do love your birds!!!) A wonderful collage... I do hope we will see more of your collage work. as for the script I do not know what it means, but is beautiful. I was creating a piece of jewelry a few minutes ago that has some French text on it... and I too wondered what it meant, and hoped it was nothing offensive. My postcard is off to Jane tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

  5. dear Norma,you speak of imperfections but i don't see them, the little hole in the rose doesn't bother me but adding a bee sounds good.
    the thing with imperfections is that they are sometimes making something rather more interesting, too smooth sometimes looks like dead and lifeless.
    the roses and buttons make me think ' a rose in a buttonhole', the stick in the eyes; one can't always see where an event or even an incident will bring you, your birds(and i said this before)are really beautiful and alive.

    keep on collaging Norma, xx

  6. I see it as a good job, I like it when you say "nothing is perfect in life or art". I agree.
    good week for you :)
    (i cant saw the hole in the rose)

  7. beautiful collage! I love the old buttons! I think it's an old religious text, but I can't read it very good. between the buttons: "koch- und mangelfest": you can wash (cook) and iron them.
    :)) mano


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