Monday, April 1, 2013

Fraktur Scherenschnitte Folk Art

I have been trying to find this for days with no luck. It has meant that my studio space has clean areas now. Yeah! I'd wanted to especially find this in time for Sunday (yesterday) but fate was not to have that. I just found this, a day late. I did this in the 80s with zero drawing skills and zero confidence so it is unfinished and will remain that way. The original was found in a bible in Upper Canada and I don't know what era. Ages ago. This is my attempt to copy it. Here is a close up of the message area:
I am showing this to you in the name of folk art. I like the overall design a lot. I changed the message because the original was hand written in gorgeous old German gothic lettering [I could never find someone to help me translate the message.] Stunning. I just found this message and slipped it in using my usual script.
Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you again soon, hugs, Norma, x


  1. folk art, always loved it, the honesty and simplicity of it, it has soul, something very timeless about it.
    beautiful handwriting and gorgeous colors Norma, xx

    your heart must be a young one, it shows in your work (my thoughts after reading your previous post;))

  2. Norma, I really like the verse, which gives me strength today to keep worry at bay. These simple shapes and clear colors are beautiful. Happy day! -sus

  3. Hi Norma! I've never tried scherensnitte as it looks to painstaking for me! But my sister has done several. She is soooo patient! I like yours even if it is unfinished- it's charming in its own way. Thank you so much for commenting (at last!) I am thrilled to get to know you! Hugs from the Philippines!
    Patsy from

  4. Ah, how appropriate to post this around Hans Christian Andersen's birthday! His wonderful scherenschnitte is in a museum in Odense. I love experimenting with paper cutting, and just ordered another book on paper craft that I stumbled on while in Seattle. Maybe something for a future post. . .

  5. Hi Norma, I would talk about no skills, what you did ages ago is a very precious peace and I could help you to translate, as far as I could read read the gothic letters, but your verse is perfect. I like it a lot.

  6. this may be a box retrieval?
    scherenschnitte is not easy! but folk art is of all times, and that's reassuring.
    now, as mentioned, you play, next weekend? this is the invitation!


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