Saturday, March 16, 2013

Little Journal

dc96: Willow
This one I am sending to you Carole! Thank you for being the host this week and allowing all of us to have such a great time spent on this wonderful theme you have chosen of 'willow.' I've lately been dreaming of little books [again.] It seems they are on my mind in one way [closer to consciousness at times] or the other. I think they might always be on my mind. I've been wanting to try out a Japanese hand sewn binding; and doing a little journal; and using my beloved Saint-Armond paper (I ruined a painting last challenge as you will remember) trying a selection of differing mediums on it...; and just sketching a small scale bird which if I don't do on a semi-regular basis makes me a bit crazed [that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it]. This drawing challenge gave me the chance to do all of these things. What evolved is a little journal which has a small bird perched on a willow branch on the front cover. This is done in pigment ink, watercolor, conte pencil, and pencil crayon. The inside pages are an assortment of quality art papers which can allow many different treatments, like drawing, painting, charcoal, inks, acrylics, etc. so that you can dabble at your heart's content. The paper does not have a direction per se, as it is all hand made. Other papers include 50 lb. sketch paper for pencil, pen, pastel, crayon, felt marker or watercolor pencil, wet or dry. One page inside has a small collage with an image transfer and a few words of encouragement. In this journal it says: All it takes is intention and practice. I think this would apply to anything life throws at us. I mean if we want to learn how to do something, or change our behaviour, or attitude, and that sort of thing.
I had such a completely wonderful time making this little journal that I am going to make more of them. I'll make them until I run out of ideas. So I'll be selling them on my etsy shop for $8.00 USD, plus shipping. This is my intention for the next while. Hopefully they will be available soon, and I'll let you know by doing a blog post.
Here's a few more shots of this little journal for Carole. It measures 2 3/8" w X 1 1/8" h when closed. And a real close up!! Thank you everyone for dropping by today. I hope to see you again, soon, To see all of the participants for this WILLOW theme challenge, pop in to Carole's blog (highlighted above) where you will be linked. There's some eye candy to see here folks! Ciao.


  1. It seems this Drawing Challenge: Willow has brought all sorts of inspiration to you Norma! Lovely little bird on your willow branch. I can't wait to see you next book adventure. Happy weekend to you. xo Carole

  2. ohhhh... this is so lovely, norma...


  3. great intention, can't wait to find your word on the progress of your tiny books. i love tiny books! i believe, somehow, the bigger the world becomes, the tinier the artist's head and heart works, like for a want of intimacy in this big, big universe... the panoply of your assorted paper; ha!

  4. keep making these little treasures Norma, you are so good at tiny beauties with that always-touching-me-bird, so straight from the heart on this wonderful paper, perfect for birds and (willow)branches xx

  5. so cute!
    it is what we all know from where ever we live:
    a bird in the tree and we all love it and getting good feelings. all over the word!
    x Stefanie

  6. a beautiful little treasure
    with a beautiful little bird
    on a willow-branche
    on beautiful paper
    I like it very much!

    Patrice A.

  7. Hello Norma,
    this little bird is really cute. I like the soft colors very much. Oh Yes the willow and the fresh colors show us the spring. Love it and i am looking forward to your little journal.
    greetings from Bavaria XD

  8. This is just completely charming, Norma!
    And a great quote, which does seem fitting for any challenge one might face in life.
    I am glad you have a plan to continue creating this tiny treasures.
    Love today!

  9. Such a sweet little bird on a willow. Intention and practice are good reminders, especially on such lovely handmade paper. Cindi

  10. Hi Norma, I love your little gorgeous booklet and what an incredible varity of paper! Yes girl go for it!
    I've been thinking a lot of doing little booklets myself lately - so maybe I join in that party.
    Nice sunday to you!

  11. it's such a cute little bird! I love the paper so much and the words. and your booklets. :)) mano

  12. Cute drawing! And what a lovely idea to make this little booklet. The papers and quote are perfect, so just keep on going! ;-)

  13. Dear Norma,
    this birdie is so very sweeeet on that willow branch!
    Wonderful paper, indeed!


  14. You Norma are the Queen of little birds! I don't know how you do it, but each one is so perfect. As you know I too am a lover of small books, and yours are always define!

  15. I love drawing birds and I am still practicing practicing practicing! It took me two years to master hands, now it is birds!!! Yes, you are right- all it takes is intention and practice! Patsy from


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