Sunday, March 10, 2013

Moon Watcher

dc95: moon This drawing challenge allowed me to pick up an old watercolor painting that I'd started some time ago, and work it into a composition which has the moon as the main feature. I'd forgotten what I'd learned in the first place, with this painting, and so I almost immediately, this go round, ruined it. This paper is a luxurious material that I cherish, but it is like flower petals in its' delicacy. What I mean is, is that whatever is done to it, has to be done with care. Paint loves it and sinks right in to the wonderful softness. There is an almost velvet appearance in person (just like a rose petal for example) and the paper does not like to be rubbed. Like say, with an eraser in a scrubbing motion. In fact it does not like scrubbing period. The paper absorbs the original mark (pencil for example) like it is being forced into the paper fibres. I thought I'd place heavy spots of pastel and then rub them in to blend later. Not much blending took place with rubbing, and the color almost intensified where I'd originally placed it on the surface. In any event, I adore this paper and this session has taught me even more about its' loveliness. And, I enjoyed myself this week, that is for sure. Here is a closer look at my 'rufous-necked stint' in summer attire, viewing a full moon:
I want to especially thank our host this week, Patrice, who chose this completely wonderful theme. I can barely wait to go view all of the art from the different players who joined in for this challenge. To see a selection of great offerings with this theme, pop by to visit Patrice where you will be linked to the blogs.
Thanks for dropping by; see you soon I hope! Norma, x


  1. Dear Norma,
    your rufous-necked stint is delicate like the paper! Watching the moon it is so peaceful... connected... to nature.
    I love even how you have painted the sky... and leave blank the space for the moon... no, it is the moon, great!
    I can feel that you adore it and you are right.


  2. what a handsome devil! your rufus-necked stint! I love the texture created in this piece- and it feels so summery when the moon feels softer in the night sky :)

  3. Summery stint, I think so! xxoo, sus

  4. What a lovely little stint watching the summer moon!
    Each piece of artwork we create leads to more learning and exploring.......
    and that's a good thing! Enjoy.
    xo Carole

  5. so beautiful, dear norma! when I stay by sea in holidays I always look to the little stints, they are so funny and I love the cheaping of the young birds. your summery stint is a fav! :)) mano

  6. very nice! just a bird and a moon and it´s enough... to give good feelings!
    x Stefanie

  7. rufous-necked stint? ? What a name for such a cute little bird! I like this delicate and light watercolour painting and with the heavier pastel it adds contrast and texture and I agree with Kristen it looks very summery full of light and joy! Great work, dear Norma!

  8. I love the painting! Seeing and hearing birds always makes life happier.

  9. stint, I had to look that up!
    but it is a beauty indeed
    like your full moon
    your words gave me a smile
    I can almost see you work this paper

    thank you!
    Patrice A.

  10. i appreciate your explanations, i might have trouble with soft paper... not you! you make it sound eeeeeeeeeeeasy!
    that bird is expectant with that moon, you know!

  11. Hi again, Norma. I'm hosting this week's Drawing Challenge: Willow. You can sign up at my blog in you'd like. xo C

  12. Norma - what beauty you bring to this lovely paper --- beautiful bird, beautiful sky, beautiful moon Perhaps not what you were planning..but it turned out beautifully.

  13. Norma, that paper is beautiful and with your sweet bird and adventurous moon, even more beautiful!
    My moon is up!

  14. oh Norma how did i miss your moon watcher, what a beauty, i love how you left the background of the bird blanco, it gives a certain depth and a lovely connection to that big white moon, your love for paper makes me smile, xx


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