Thursday, March 28, 2013

Winging it...

Today I spent quite a bit of time preparing materials for and planning a journal page. Everything did not work. I won't bore you with the failure. Really, I was trying to exactly copy something that I loved on line and it is beyond me, my ability, my equipment, my supply bin. I'd made a big mess and wasted a whole day. UNTIL the muse stepped in. The muse told me to do a bird. Do what I know deep inside of myself. I did the bird and while doing it (it took under 3 minutes basically) I remembered a drawer full of Italian candy wrappers that I'd been saving for years to use in art pieces in some way, and the saying "IF YOUR WING IS BROKEN, USE YOUR ANGEL WINGS" popped into my head (I think it might be a direct message to me from the muse, actually) and I thought that the wrappers would make nice gold angel wings and then 2 minutes later, my journal page was complete. Well it took me another few minutes to pen the script (believe me this is a planning piece and not the final.)
But I just wanted to show you what the muse came up with. The bits in the air by the angel wings are what did not work in my original attempt. I just left the bits there (maybe as a reminder not to just copy people!!.)
Thanks for dropping in today; we'll see you soon I hope. Norma, x


  1. Art is amazing...the different mediums, techniques, ideas, meanings, the combination and result. Intentional and unintentional! Thanks for sharing! ~*~Lisa

  2. this is great, like when you want to go somewhere and circumstances make you end up somewhere else, somewhere special, the unexpected happened here too and look at that!!i love every bit of it, the loose threads, the writing, superb Norma, x

  3. I love your words and have written them down because I am so forgetful I feel they may be often appropiate in my life.Look forward to the finished bird.

  4. I love your story, not only because you made a breakthrough, but because it reminds me of a cookie tin of wrappers my mother used to save for art projects when I was little (it never occurred to me at the time to ask who was eating all that candy).

    It also made me think of this TED talk - only 4 minutes long - about practicing the imperfect. You might enjoy it:;TEDNew-York



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