Saturday, March 30, 2013

When you want a slice of the moon, and...

The sewn bird image I was working on is transforming itself into a postcard design. I cropped it to about a 4X6 size, and I have plans to send it here, which by the way is open to everyone, worldwide, and there's plenty of time to participate, and maybe here. Thanks for dropping by for a visit today; I hope to see you soon! Norma, xo


  1. Beautiful postcard! and how wonderful that you were able to make it yours! I too look at something and try to make it like that and of course it never works. I love to see where inspiration comes from though, and sometimes it is exactly like you talk about here. Happy Easter!

  2. thank you for sharing those links, norma. i'll look into those later today.
    your postcard is looking the part. i like words and phrases coming together in unexpected ways. it's new perspectives, openings. great! enjoy the chocolate!

  3. Very cool, Norma. Thanks for the link, I'm thinking about sending one there also. xo Carole

  4. What a fun project...I love your sweet bird and the way stitches look on paper. The golden angel wings are such a sweet touch. Happy Day Norma!


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