Monday, January 23, 2012

Tea with Cathy

Well today really is pretty much perfect. Earlier my sister Dorothy-Anne dropped by to deliver a tray of home baked treats that she made just for me. I am blessed. Then the mail delivery person dropped off a package that I knew was from Cathy Cullis. So I sprang into action. I knew that tea time had to be made special today. I brought out my favorite tea cup, one made to mark the occasion of the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is dated June 2nd, 1953 and features quite the fetching picture of her. Then I laid a white linen cloth on my art table and then made my second favorite type of tea, Earl Grey. It would have been completely perfect if I'd had Irish Breakfast loose leaf tea on hand but who is complaining? Not I!

Here is an original painting by Cathy which is as you can see, a tag. She has added her famous stitching at the bottom as well. This little treasure art piece will hold pride of place on my workdesk.

My sister made for me her famous white fruitcake perfectly aged in booze, and shortbread made to perfection (firm until you bite into it whereupon it crumbles into deliciousness inside the mouth,) and lemon tarts which are heavenly. Cathy also added a couple of post cards featuring her work and really, I am so tickled to have these.

Well now I must break this reverie and get cracking on some art things I have to do. Lovely visiting with you and see you soon, I hope! *smiles* Norma


  1. I can see high tea at your house would be devine!!
    You do set a gorgeous table, all you need are your good friends and maybe the hatter or the rabbit....

  2. Lucky You !!! I adore Cathy's work too !!! thanks for your comments on tag tuesday.

  3. oooh, yummy stuff .... lucky you a sister who bakes...I have to bake for mine.

    I see you are a Canuck too....we are in Calgary....


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