Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet Betty

She is mid-century cul-de-sac and stands 4 feet tall. She came in to my life just a few days ago when I spotted her standing across a crowded thrift store. Now she stands on my work table lighting up my life. The lamp has such a presence I gave her a name. Betty.

Betty lights up my work table where I am putting together a tag which you can see is just beginning to take shape. An outline has been planned and a folded boat newspaper style hat placed where it will sit on the eventual finished artwork. This tag was made for Carolyn Saxby's blog which is chockablock full of wonderful artwork. I referred to an illustration in a child's storybook for inspiration.

Here is the finished tag.

Thank you for dropping by. To see more wonderful art by folk who participate in 'What is on your workdesk Wednesday' drop in here!

I'll see you soon I hope. *smiles* Norma


  1. What a wonderful tag - and Betty certainly is impressive - thanks for the peep at your workspace today (Hazel, WOYWW 67) x

  2. HI Norma
    In England a cul de sac is a small road that has a closed end. Imagne my surprise when I read it was also a lamp.Loved seeing your work place,mine is always a complete mess,
    After sorting it out it takes me 5 minutes to cause chaos again.
    Love your tag.

  3. beautiful tag, lovin Betty, x xHugs May x x x

  4. Beautiful, blue Betty! Can see why you fell in love with her.. lamps don't have to be mundane, do they?
    Hugs, LLJ #26 xx

  5. Love Betty! She has curves in all the right places! LOL! LOVE that tag! It came out so fabulous. The boy is so precious. Thanks for sharing your space and have a happy WOYWW! -Amanda 34

  6. Norman, am really liking Betty...perfect name.. I wonder if there's an Al out there somewhere! I love the tag, such a clever idea to put the figure on the 'front'. Am loving the way you and your daughter use the geographic striations of layers to find stuff, very clever and very very in sync!!!

  7. Betty is quite regal. I think her cousin used to reside with us.

    That's a neat little tag you whipped out there. The folded newspaper hat is a great way to top it off.

  8. What a cute tag you have there. I always loved making those hats when I was a kid.

    Thanks for bringing that memory back!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #45

  9. bois-fleurie: my english writing is odd at times and what I meant is that this lamp looks like it would have originally lived in a house on a cul-de-sac *smiles*

    Thank you everyone for you lovely comments. What fun!!

  10. Wow the tag is amazing love the simplicity, but you have captured an endearing emotion too. I love it. And Betty. Good find there!


  11. Betty is lovely, great color.
    cute tag:)
    have a great night

  12. I'm seeing how many I can get round this way.then when I have finished I'll come back again, that is if I can STOP reading all the posts first Happy WOYWW

    LOu P

  13. Beautiful tag, reminds of of The Snowman book. Great lamp, but I've never heard one called a cul-de-sac before either, I'll have to go and look that up now!

    Brenda 103

  14. Hello Betty, at 4' tall she will be your guiding light!!
    Great tag too.
    Keep smiling and creating

  15. Betty is quite the charmer, I would have named her too!!! Nice tag, lovely work. xox Corrine

  16. That's a very pretty lamp :) I have a huge green lamp that I adore!

    Katie (159)

  17. She is a real lady and looks like a great place to be...Thanks for the peek in to your crafty space...Sarah at 6

  18. Sorry I'm a day late, but lovely to see a nice busy desk, with Betty taking pride of place and looking fab. Love your tag !

  19. The tag is way cool but Betty is WONDERful. I'm a crazy lamp lady myself!


Your comments make my day! Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


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