Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fabric collage

Lately I've been noticing wonderful fabric collages and I finally succumbed to the mystique of this lovely artform. I just had to grab a pair of scissors and root around in my sewing basket for snippets of lace, and any tiny bit of flower I might find, and then figure out what papers I had (lots of music sheet pages), what rubber stamp images (I knew I wanted a bird of some sort) and the quote was actually what launched the whole piece in the first place, so I didn't have to source out a quote specifically for the piece.
Well it took not long at all and was very satisfying to say the least. There's not much to it and as I have to get back to the pressing things (creatively speaking) that are calling, I don't have time right this moment to play with the collage artform. But I do look forward to revisiting this experience. So relaxing. It's a wonderful way to settle down.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


The One World One Heart event has been an enjoyable ride and thanks to Lisa for hosting it. I've chosen the 5 winners of a bird which I've been making while waiting for connections online (my computer is slower than molasses in January). So chosen out of the hat, the winners are:
1. Frog and Beef of "The Adventures of the Arrogant Frog and the Smug Beef";
2. Laura of "Sahara's Memories";
3. Lesley of "Harmony Road Studio";
4. Lemondrop Marie of "Lemondrop Vintage";
5. Jules Woolford of "Adventures in Thread."

I can't say enough how much I've enjoyed this ride Lisa!
Now that it's over I can take the time to visit more thoroughly, the creative minds I have met at this event. Have a great day everyone, *running and sprinkling fairy dust*, Norma
p.s. I'll be contacting the winners today.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dawn is appearing slowly

Dawn has given me a new problem. This time, it's the red at the bottom of her gown. I'd wanted to introduce a soft pink glow to a morning sky and the red I chose from the watercolor box just grabbed the paper and wouldn't let go. No matter how much water I used to flood the paper and no matter how hard I scrubbed the paper the red won't leave. So this is a problem. I decided to make that section of sky (gown) very dark blue and so that the red will hopefully show as pinkish through the blue. That's the plan anyway. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. It's all a surprise.
I solved the original problem of her hair (I hated it) by giving her a completely new head. Smaller. A new face and new 'do' - a bob. I like it much better and hopefully I'll be able to introduce pencil crayon to soften the effect and get away from strong rigid lines. We shall see!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dawn: a.t.c. artdoll

Dawn: a.t.c. artdoll
Originally uploaded by fairyyellowbug
She is the very beginning of an a.t.c. artdoll and her name is Dawn. The theme of this swap is snowflake, and she will have snowflakes all over her gown but will also have the starlight of a pale dawn sky. Usually I use India Ink but for this doll I am trying regular ink which will run and I am hoping will give a fluid feeling to her. I hate her hair. They say art is problem solving. So we will have to see how I solve this hair problem. I don't know the solution yet. Guess I'll find out.
Within the boundaries of her skirt is a regulation size a.t.c. and her skirt will fold into itself to fit the a.t.c. as well as her bodice, arms, head and headdress (maybe a crown). This whole little creation is a complete experiment. Just flying by the seat of my pants on this one!!


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