Sunday, August 28, 2016

Room With a View

DC/AC 197

Thinking about this theme of a room with a view, I knew I'd head on over to my pinterest boards and though I have ten [and counting] boards related to living spaces, I managed to sort through only the first two of them. I've known for ages that my most important view would be of water. In real life I have a sliver of a view of our harbour in Vancouver. Literally, I can see a sliver between two buildings. At night when it is very dark, there is a reflected line along the water surface that is coming from a large light on one of the docks. It looks like reflected moonlight to me. My second most important view would be of trees. I have those in spades where I live. Nonetheless, here's some culled photos from my pinterest boards with the idea of a 'view' from a room:

An indoor/outdoor koi pond would be a nice view.

A river right under the floor would be a nice view.

I like a view of trees (or one gorgeous tree).

A tree view that makes me happy.

A view of lots and lots of trees.

This Japanese garden has all kinds of interesting trees. Koi perhaps as well.

A view of water with koi.

A view with lots and lots of water.

Another tree view that makes my heart sing.

A koi pond on a balcony with trees works for me!

How about an indoor pond?

Saving the best for the last. A water view and a private swimming pool all at once. Each apartment has their own. Oh hello!

Well there's my room selection. Nice to see you here again, and thank you to Nadine for this wonderful inspiring theme she chose. Have a look at her blog to link to other rooms with a view. Bye for now good friends, Norma, xo


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