Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tiny Book

Drawing Challenge 174 TINY

I'd started to make a small book with a leather cover and hand made sturdy paper from my favourite paper mill for the inside signatures a few weeks ago, so decided to complete the prototype for this challenge. Here it is, warts and all...

I was going to use a 'peace' symbol charm, but as it is Sunday, decided on a 'cross' instead. I like the way it looks.

Here's the back, closed. The last picture shows what it might look like as a necklace. I placed a thinnish paper rope style here.
I wanted to figure out a few construction steps and managed them satisfactorily so it tickles me to see that I figured out how to use headbands and to install a small wire hanging loop that is unassuming visually, and how to manage the end papers and sewn binding. Now I feel confident to surge ahead and make some more. The size of this book closed is 1+1/8" Wide X 1+3/8" Tall. Thanks for popping by today; to see more offerings for this challenge of TINY, click onto this link where you will find our illustrious host Tammie! See you again soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Drawing challenge 173
Oh my heart...

I ask that you use your imagination here please! This will be a paper mixed with plantstuff sculpture when it is done. I've started out by doing a paper cast of a heart shape from a metal chocolate mold. Inside I've stashed some burning bush leaves (I do not know the proper name of this plant.) The paper used is Japanese hand made and embedded with flowers. I made a ring shape using a stem of a hedge that has really sharp spine needles and when they dry hard believe me they can draw blood. I've been using these for a few years now for bird beaks so have poked myself and drawn my own blood more often than I care to admit. I have to allow the stems with attached spines to dry and it takes months really. But I wanted to show you what a ring looks like, and what the stems/spines look like. Picked only two days ago they've gone from light green to brown already. As they age they will lighten up to a warmer brown color. I drew a thorn crown on a sheet of drawing paper to just kind of give a feel to the visual, but it got lost in the crowd of things on the page. My idea will be to do about 3 wrappings of spine stems and so the spines will be poking in all directions and I hope to be able to commandeer the spines to act as legs so that the paper heart will be kind of floating amidst spines. It's a kind of bleeding heart. A sculpture. Anyway, it's an image of an idea I have and in the end will take on its' own image I am sure. Thank you kindly to lovely Nadeschka for inviting me to play this week. It was fun. For more 'image' themes, click on the link to view. Blessings! N, x


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