Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fairy Postcard fom China

Samuel a long time fan of opera in general has had her eyes opened so to speak. Here in China is opera that she's never ever heard of. It appears that she loves it!

Her post card reads:
"Dear Fairy! You cannot imagine how great it is in China!! At the park, they sing opera. Everyone is singing. And even the birds are quiet~when the singing contests (that's what it seems like) are happening~the birds listen too. I am in a place called Beijing. I'll bring you a piece of Jade. Love from Samuel"

To see more gorgeous and fun post cards from China, drop by here.

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  1. oooo he's a bit fierce looking. I think I should like to sit in the park and listen to people singing.

    I just noticed your picture on the sidebar about believing in magic, how beautiful..

  2. Great postcard! He is a bit fierce looking though! How wonderful would it be to hear all the people singing!

  3. You scared my pants off lol! No only joking...keep the magic going! I love your drawing.

  4. Can just imagine Samuel swinging from her web in time to the singing :D XXX

  5. Chinese opera is a super theme! Love your postcard. Great storyline.

    Janet xx

  6. Sweet, What a colorful tale your postcards tell.
    Keep smiling and creating

  7. What a great image, really striking, and I like what you've written about the singing

  8. I had just been reading about Chinese Opera,not something I had heard about before. Would be fab to sit in a park and listen. Great image on your postcard

  9. I love yourbold image on the card and your neat calligraphy on the back. I love opera!

  10. Opera in the park, a great idea. Your face is so realistic, super postcard.
    Jen x


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