Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Spirit of Solitude

Percy Bysshe Shelley offers me not only the backdrop for this tag, but the title as well.

It all started with a visit to the thrift store. One of my favorite finds are in bags that are placed in the 'office supplies' section. There are office supplies and art supplies and sewing supplies and paper arts supplies and you never know what you'll discover along that wall of bags.
A few days ago it was this (the whole bag was $1.99):

A bag containing other stuff as well, but THIS box of 'treasury tags' and how romantic sounding is that! Treasury. Treasure. I've never heard of them, nor seen them in my life. So of course google came to the rescue and they are paper fasteners. For large things like maps and the like. Oh gosh! I've been dreaming lately of making little books with interesting fastening. So this is a push in the right direction I'd say! Also in the bag was a metal box of drawing pencils, and so when I came across this post yesterday I knew that today I'd make a tag using my new drawing pencils and the treasury tags (British made it says on the box).

I chose a wee bird hanging on for dear life to a brittle branch laden with hoarfrost and feasting on the frozen berries. It is a small robin.
Drawn on used tea bag paper with pencils, colored pencils, conte color pencils, acrylic paint and a smidge of sparkle. Here is the beginning of him.

Thanks for dropping by! To see what exciting art other folk are doing go here!


  1. Gosh, metal treasury tags, what a score. I've used them on and off for ears, but these days the 'tags' are all plastic. If we had arrangements like that in thrift stores, I'd never leave..or worse, would have to buy all the bags!

  2. Julia! That's pretty much about it as far as the bags are concerned. It's a candy store for paper crafters. I was thinking that a person could use string (you know the butcher's twine or that fancy colorful twisted twine you see out there) of one's liking and then cut it to the right size and then find some kind of jewellery finding (something that can be clamped together with pliers) so that these could likely be custom made. In any event what a cool simple invention these treasury tags are. I am completely smitten.

  3. Very cool. I love going to thrift stores - you never know what you are going to find.


    WOYWW #92

  4. Wow! What a great find! Enjoy all that!

    Katie (138)

  5. I love bargains like that Norma, what a great one. I remember those little tags things from childhood. Lovely tag. xox Corrine

  6. odd that Julia Dunnit uses treasury tags for ears, most of us use them in crafting... your desk is very inspiring and fabulously creative,

    thanks for coming to see my mess, and yes, I do kinda use my wall for inspiration/review/useful quotes,


  7. lovely tag!

    so glad you are joining in with the postcards. I have linked you up on hte master list in my sidebar, all you need to do now is blog your card and link it into the mr.linky widget in my latest blog post. The links will be active until next Friday when we post card number 2.

    The country for #2 will be announced on Monday.

  8. What a great find wish we had somewhere like that here. Happy 2012 to you. Anne x

  9. happy new year to you! i enjoyed my peek of your new stash from the thrift store. that sounds like my kind of store. thanks for sharing! hugs,
    peggy aplSEEDS

  10. Aha, PB Shelly- I love that poetry.
    And great treasury tags too.
    Very crafty. ;) xo


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