Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shimmy Shimmer Shake

The brain surgery on the wee birds went well. I was able to save 8 of the batch and had to say good bye to 4 of them. Here the pink bird is getting his final coat of shimmer. A cap of pink. In the background is a selection of new sparkle that my daughter put into my Christmas stocking this year. Here is what he looked like when complete. As you can see this is bird number 116. I just keep going with the numbers...
Here he's stands inside my velvet box of glitter where he feels mighty majestic.
I'll finish off the rest of the birds now. Some will go to neighbours and friends and family, and I'll put three aside as a giveaway for the wonderful one-of-a-kind International Blogwide Art Event which is coming up and hosted by the lovely Lisa. See you there I hope. I'll be amongst the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bloggers, visiting from one artist blog to the other...
Thanks for dropping by today; we'll see you soon, I hope...hugs, Norma, x

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Birdbrain Surgery

Last month I started a new batch of birds which I'd planned to give to friends, family and neighbours. I laboured for weeks over these. When I'd reached the stage of wrapping the beaks I realized that the birds were completely unuseable and were destined for the trash bin. They lay silently for a few weeks while I scrambled to purchase some of the gifts to replace them, and make completely new things that I'd not originally planned for this year.
So now today, with the hustle and bustle quietened down I went back to the pile of birds. Out of desperation, I'm attempting brain surgery and this just may well work. I have started on the pink one as it is a special birdie for a special friend which I will see at month's end. So far so good.
But look at the operating table. It is a book I got yesterday from my daughter as a Christmas present. I can barely wait to get started drawing birds again. It's been a few months since I've done that. Now that I have this brilliant book that gives lessons, I am thrilled to dig in. But bird drawing will have to wait upon brain surgery on a dozen wee birds.
Hope you are all having a swell time. See you soon, I hope, love Norma, x

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jingle bells...jingle bells...

There is nothing like South Asian gold trim. Unless you are in Las Vegas where there'd be a tie in the glitzy shiny sparkly flashy attention-grabbing category. One of the things I collect at the local second-hand department store, are bags of South Asian gold trim. I keep thinking that one day I'll do something with it.
I've been making paper bells and actually, they are a bust. One of them is salvageable and will be given to my neighbour. She will love it. The others are experiments. I know that I want to use the paper sewn together as a fabric of sorts and I am very excited to do many more experiments to see what I come up with. A few days before Christmas is not the time to do this. So I have to force myself to put away my toys and get on with the gift wrapping, baking, and last minute shopping.
May the bells ring out in your homes. Nice to see you today, and I hope to see you again soon! *smiles* Norma

Sunday, December 9, 2012

dc84: Little Red Riding Hood

Big Bad in the forest...
Here 'Big Bad' pauses in the forest, admiring the fresh snow fall. He is on his way to 'Little Red's' house. 'Little Red' has got wind of 'Big Bad's' whereabouts, so is sharpening the axe as we speak. Oh my!
A closer look:
The combination of felt, embroidery cotton, sequins and glitter make my inner child squeal out loud with delight. For a few years now, I've been dreaming of working with these materials and for this challenge (yes, I am a few weeks late but oh well...) I decided to put the materials to work. Here is my design in my art journal:
Here he is with the pieces cut out and laid out on the felt background:
Here the felt pieces have been embroidered and decorated and ready to be sewn:
So you can see how the design came into reality; from a drawing in a sketch book to the finished piece. To see more lovely artwork with this theme drop by Patrice's blog where she, as host, has links to the players. Thanks for dropping in, and I hope to see you soon! *smiles* Norma


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