Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Drawing Challenge invite...

With the theme FERN. Here's some ideas:

In a short time on google images, I found a bevy of beauties to inspire. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with this theme FERN. So come on and join in on this drawing challenge by leaving a comment below. I'll start a players list from that. This upcoming weekend, Saturday August 3rd, and Sunday August 4th, post your contribution to the challenge and we'll all have a blast visiting and viewing and oohing and awwing. Anything goes. Photos, drawings, sculpting, painting, writing, cooking, to name a few. Just have the fern idea in your mind. See you soon! *smiles* Norma

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mad Tea Party 2013 Giveaway Winner

Drum Roll Please...

...is Ronni of "The Designing Fairy"

I'll be emailing you to get your particulars. Thank you everyone who left comments. You all just really make me feel great. See you soon, I hope! Norma, x

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Wonderland Mushroom Tea Book

Welcome dearies! What would a mad tea party BE, without a recipe book for mad mushroom tea, to take to the party! I've made a little book to hold recipes for mad mushroom tea, and have begun with one recipe which is a very old family treasured brew! I'll be collecting more recipes to put in the book, so if you know of any please feel free to leave it in the comments section and I'll add it to the book.

Here is what the little book looks like so far:

It's the front cover and it looks oh so boring right now. I'll be adding a title a bit later. Let's open it:


 Okay that look a bit more interesting. There's an advert for the publishers, and an illustration showing a wee mushroom. It's a beginning anyway. Let's see if there is more:

Oh, it's a closer look. Well let's get even a bit closer. What kind of mushroom is this anyway?


Is there more? Oh! it's our first recipe (my own!):

 This little book is made in the 'piano hinge' style, using three large pine needle sections from a species of large pine tree somewhere in the U.S.A. The cover paper is hand made Japanese paper using plant fibres and leaves, as you can see. Inside paper includes hand made sumi-e Japanese paper, and two sheets of used tea bag paper (my favourite.) The mushroom is painted using acrylic paint and stickers help make it kind of fancy looking. The spine is adorned with a mother-of-pearl button and two copper-coloured sequins just for fun. This will be my giveaway. I'll be adding things to the little book (hopefully your own family recipes for mad mushroom tea.) Just leave a comment below and I'll do the draw in one week (so, next Saturday 20th July, 2013.) Remember, to pop by to the beautiful Vanessa to view her gorgeous offering of delicious eye candy, and to see all of the participants in this wonderful mad tea party 2013! Ta! Love you all, Norma, x

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gossamer Wings

dc110: gossamer

Foxes in flight across a leaf of used tea bag paper. Watercolor, pencil, coloured pencils, acrylic.

Mounted on heavy Saint Armand watercolour paper. Sequins added to denote stars. The writer and natural historian Guo Pu [Jin Dynasty] collected many descriptions of mysterious animals and plants. Of foxes, he said:
At fifty years of age the fox can turn into a human; at a hundred it can know something a thousand miles away; at a thousand years it can communicate with Heaven.
Our host this week for the drawing challenge has been Tammie Lee who has given us this magical theme of gossamer. I had a lot of fun with this one and yes, I am aware that the photography is horrible. I'll try to put in much better replacements taken with my daughter's fabulous camera. Pop by Tammie's place to see more gorgeous art with the theme gossamer. Thank you so much for dropping by today. See you soon I hope, Norma, xo

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello bloglovin

I made the switch today. Talk about last minute! Whew!

See you in this new sphere of being! *smiles* Norma, x


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