Sunday, June 23, 2013

Drumming at the Water's Edge

dc108: solstice

Thank you to Kristin who is our host for this week's drawing challenge. Such a simple idea for a theme and such a wonderful idea for a theme. What fun this was for me Kristin!

My creative endeavour took a few turns (some for the worse and some for the better) and in the end I wound up with a simple idea painting on a used leaf of tea bag paper, done in acrylic paint. Let's see what we have:

A woman sits drumming at the beach. She's lit two fires and sits between them completely absorbed in her drumming. Apparently, something else has also noticed her drum beats; she has summoned a sea snake. I wonder if she knows.

Remember that there are a number of folk participating in the drawing challenge and you will be excited to see what they have done with this theme. It is amazing how different the 'takes' are with a single theme. Variety IS the spice of life it has been said. Pop in to Kristin's place which is linked above, and you will find the list of players for this drawing challenge.

Thanks for dropping by today; I hope to see you again soon. Hugs, Norma, x


  1. Ooohhh. One wonders if there are dancers out of sight who are helping conjure the snake?! My imagination goes in all kinds of directions with this painting! Solstice is a time for wild beach celebrations, solitary or otherwise!!

  2. Norma, I think your painting is not a simple painting
    I like when I can see in a painting or drawing, "intentions"
    intentions, means to me that the artist did something because he/she set himself to do it, means that nothing is accidental,
    from the medium on which you choose to paint until every stroke and every color. I like your Solstice
    PS: thanks for your kind comments. I believe that you are too kind with your concepts to me.
    have anice week!!!

  3. a joy to see your drumming lady
    perhaps the snake is dancing in the water to her beautiful music~

  4. I feel the mystery and power of women in your painting! x Leena

  5. beautiful small painting full of symbolism Norma, water and fire, the beat of the drum, a snake continuing it's way...
    the red sunlight and the murmuring sea behind her,
    (at first i thought you painted it on silk or cotton)
    stunning stoltice image, xx

  6. this is really solstice!
    I see a wise woman... I mean: two, you are a wise woman, too!
    x Stefanie

  7. I like this strong woman who drummed oblivious and happy, at one with himself and the world, very symbolically with the direct sound of the fire, the water and the snake - I think it fits very well thematically to Ariane post.
    xo BarbaraBee

  8. What a wonderful celebration- snakes and all creation at it's root maybe?! I love your image and process! What a lovely take on the theme Thank you for sharing and playing along! Happy Summer :)

  9. Norma your work is amazing! I love the celebration of solstice - right in the middle where things happen. And you always make beautiful things happen.

  10. Dear Norma, she makes me want to twirl and spin to the beat of her drum!
    And you created all this on a tiny little tea bag!
    Maybe your lovely drummer could summon up the sun.
    Have a great week.
    xo Carole

  11. i revel again, at the explanation that comes with your tiny painting.
    i'd love to be that drummer girl.

  12. what a winderful and powerful image you manage to create at such a small size. It always intrigues me.

    Helen :)


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