Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Auction win and a great mail day


Yesterday, I won a lot of beads at the auction. I'd not been for a few years and it felt so great to hold the paddle in my hand, with heart beating in anticipation, and then the mad flurry of the 'fight' [bidding war] and then the satisfaction of the win itself. There is nothing like it in my books. Okay, truth be told, there was only one other bidder on this lot, but I won it. Ten bucks. Let's see the haul:
I arrived home after having walked miles in the hot sun (my choice) carrying the heavy beads, to find in my mailbox, an intriguing package from BarbaraBee! A 'little book' that she made, and a few post cards of her work. Barbara is doing a collage EVERY DAY OF THIS YEAR and I am not kidding. You just have to see her work. Here is a close up of a post card (from her original painting.): Well, this is what is on my work desk today. I have the idea of 'solstice' on my mind, because I am doing a drawing challenge with that theme, and with my discovery that pretty much all of the beads I got yesterday, are from sea shells with a pearly lustre to them (there are a few cultured pearls as well,) I am gearing towards a sea oriented painting/drawing with the influence of the moon, and with maybe shells involved. It's all very foggy in my embryonic design process. The fog lifts as I think more about what I want to do. Meanwhile, I'll just doodle. Thanks for dropping by today, and remember, the one and only lovely Julia, hosts the weekly visit to work desks across this globe of ours. Drop by her spot, where you'll be linked to all of the participants this week. Thank you Julia!!


  1. Oh, my--these photos are luscious and inspirational. Barbarabee's little book looks phenomenal. I'm trying to get up the courage to attempt some, but can't quite seem to focus on one activity on these sunny, sunny days! Looking forward to your solstice creation. <3

  2. G'day Norma
    I'm not playing in WOYWW this week as I have just got back from a visit to see my Mum in a different state and now my eldest daughter is here for a visit. Just dropping into a few desks anyway. WAHOO to the auction win and you now have some lovely beads there to use. Your solstice idea sounds awesome. OMG that little book and post card are gorgeous. I wish I could draw and paint like that!
    Annette In Oz

  3. What a beautiful selection of beads. April #143

  4. I's not the $10 or the $100000 bucks, it's the win! And what a win, the beads are gorgeous. But I have to say that even they are trumped byyour friends postcard painting..oh my what talent.
    Have fun with the burgeoining idea process..always a wonderful part of the process!

  5. you did really well winning your beads they are lovely and I am sure you will make some amazing things with them. wow that postcard is stunning really lovely
    have a great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #47

  6. Wow look at all those beads and there are some that look like corn from here they really do LOL Auctions can be a wonderful fun thing as long as you get what you want and not get into to much of a bidding war.

    Belated WOYWW Greetings
    Eliza & Yoda. 25


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