Sunday, June 2, 2013

Key to my Heart

dc105: Key/hole

Our gal makes a return appearance this week. We find her standing in front of a table with four keys and a few baubles on it. She holds a dove with a metal fitted keyhole contraption. Apparently, when she fits one of the keys into the lock, she is able to feel an emotion. Each key opens an emotion and there are only four to choose from. Upon entry, the mechanical heart beats for a time and our gal is able to feel an emotion in her own heart. The dove does not seem to mind, for she performs this ritual many times a day, and it does not complain. Sometimes it coos. Frankly I do not understand how it would NOT mind. I would.

The drawing is incomplete and serves as a study of an idea. Our host for the drawing challenge this week is dear Renilde who chose the theme of key/hole for us to explore. Find more keys at her blog. Remember that you are all welcome to join in playing with us in the drawing challenges.

Thank you for dropping by today and I hope I shall see you soon. *smiles* Norma, x


  1. For me it does not matter if it is incomplete, is an excellent work, I really like
    really, if you do not say it is incomplete, it does not seem!!! :)

  2. This is the kindest dove i have ever met, Norma, just a very dear soul. love, sus

  3. i think i really love the story behind it, also the fact that the dove don't mind. it reminds me of a talking heads song, in which the lady don't mind either. albeit a little sad story, here, i fully feel the emotion. it will grow into its own, and i'm curious, norma.

  4. wondeRful painting. Really wondeRful. and youR woRds, too.
    foR me it's complete. i'm stocking.

  5. Norma, you and Renilde
    are the best story tellers!
    and incomplete drawing and some sentences
    but i can see a whole world
    thank you!!


  6. I love the explanation that goes with this Norma. Love the colors too. Have a good week! ~*~Lisa

  7. Hi NOrma, playing with someone's emotions makes me a bit nervous and sad but at the same time the dove is patient and kind. Lovely work. xo Carole

  8. Isn't it good that we don't have to do this to feel emotion. We just feel it. A poetic idea though. I have been enjoying some cooing doves lately. They are a peaceful creature.

  9. your painting, your dove opens my heart! :)) mano

  10. i always wonder what i'm going to find coming to your place Norma, a beautiful bird, yes, often it's here,this time a dove that seems at ease and a story (you know i love stories) one that raises questions, makes me wonder(better still),
    only four emotions to choose from, poor gal, and just when she chooses to feel one of them, now i ask myself which emotions would be preferable....
    thanks dear, i take your story with me, xx

  11. Dear Norma,
    you cast a spell over me with your story!
    and your drawing... Dear, I feel the heaviness of the dove, the feather, the claws... and
    I am really curious about which size this wondeful painting has? tell me, please!

    May I invite you to the next dc? I am the hostess.


    1. 9" X 12" Yes, I can feel the warmth of the body too. *smiles* N, x

  12. wonderful and unique take on key
    key to the heart
    each key a new emotion
    which key to use

  13. I love this dove carrying this awesome heart!
    Beautiful little story :–)

  14. Hi, Norma. ha ha! surely you have not taken anything, but you should see if you need new glasses, ha ha, you see too much in my work, I think you're exaggerating.
    anyway, thank you very much. you are very kind to me!♥

  15. This is one of those pictures and stories that makes my mind swirl with ideas. Very unique and touching. Cindi

  16. A lot of thoughts came into my mind after reading your story. Some striking me, like "Only 4 emotions to feel?" or "Need a key to start an emotion which runs just for a certain while?"...but I still love the story and the drawing! A beautifully illustrated fairytale, where keys often have a mysterious and important part.

  17. Not sure how I missed this Norma....loved the story and that painting in its incomplete state is perfect dont do any more to it!

    Helen x


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