Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello bloglovin

I made the switch today. Talk about last minute! Whew!

See you in this new sphere of being! *smiles* Norma, x


  1. hello,

    i am not sure what bloglovin is, can you tell me? is this the link i should link to for: Gossamer?
    Or do you have one somewhere called bloglovin?

    i have seen a couple other people mention this too. thank you for educating me ;-)

  2. I hope to figure out bloglovin, Norma. Any tips will be appreciated! -sus

  3. Me, too Norma!

    Sus and Tammie, you can search for Bloglovin' on Google or another search engine and sign up. Feedly is another feed aggregator. It would have imported your feeds yesterday, but today you may need to search and add them individually. It's pretty easy to use. If you hover your cursor over any icons, it will tell you what they mean. I am not able to find all my blogs on it, but am just getting started with it. Right now I'm using both til I see which I prefer. Feedly can be added to your Chrome browser. It doesn't appear that you can do that with Bloglovin', but I'm only moderately tech savvy.

  4. well my dear norma, i'm in the dark about bloglovin' too... but i'll be checking you out no matter what. : )


  5. I never quite understood whats the thing about bloglovin etc., and obviously I didn't need it, because everything looks the same on my desk, phew.
    So I'm following you anyways!
    Love and hugs


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