Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mood [in the]

dc106: mood board

Well there is no board, but the vision in front of me grabbed my attention as I sat down to try to make a [very late] mood board. I know what I want to do, but it would take me days to really do it justice. When I began to prepare the paper I plan to use, I glanced up and realized that I was surrounded by a 'mood board' so to speak. So this will serve for my contribution to the drawing challenge hosted by the lovely Ariane, who chose the theme of 'mood board.'

Let's just say that the materials make me want to create, but what I am especially enjoying, is the vase of fresh peonies from surrounding gardens in my neighbourhood, sitting in front of a hand-painted kimono that hangs as a curtain dust cover for my books. My camera does not allow a really nice shot of the two things positioned together so you will have to use your imagination.

Thank you for coming by today; I hope to see you again soon, and please remember to drop in to see Ariane for a beautiful selection of many differing and interesting and wonderful and creative and inspiring contributions by folk playing along in this drawing challenge. Also, remember that you are all invited to play along if the 'mood' strikes! *smiles* Norma, x


  1. yes
    definitely inspirational and that deer vase is to die for!!

    have a lovely day

    Helen x

  2. Wedgewood, hand painted kimonos, peonies and a big mug for sipping something tasty would inspire me too!

  3. seriously, do you know what jumped right out at me? yep... and then i realized it *was* one of my paintings... : )

    love to you, norma...

  4. the peonies coming out of the deer head is entirely inspiring to me! the kimono is lovely. sweet to have a glimpse of your art space and also to see Lynne's lovely piece!

  5. flowers,explosion of color, in a cute vase and on a beautiful kimono, books... your love for words, brushes, pencils, paint and ink, this is your moodboard Norma, i can find you in it...and than sitting back and muse and have a cup of tea, xx

  6. strong flowers and colors, very inspiring!
    would be nice to have a tea there with you
    x Stefanie

  7. peonies in abundance, it must be june. and only so temporary, so you make the best of its timely settings... the smell round your place must be {peony} heavy? can you tell i'm a peony lover?
    it is true. glancing up from a work table leaves us with all the mood board we can muster, sometimes. i myself love the changing palettes of wanting to draw in public places. so any place is a mood board too.

  8. Dear Noram,
    I am delighted! A lively mood board, Dear!
    And paeonies... I love them in all shapes and of course even on a kimono.
    That wonderful vase caught my eye, too. Great!
    Thanks for sharing your walkable mood board.

    xo Ariane.

  9. I love the first pic in which i can see a little from your world!
    your kimono is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Noram, the mood is romantic and elegant, peonies and kimono. Happy mid-week, sus

  11. Dear Norma, your mood"board" is so lovely, so many inspiring things to look at, this wonderful peonies und kimono, sigh, just pure beauty.
    Wish you a nice week and hope my letter will come soon!


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