Sunday, March 4, 2012

Making a paper rope from one used tea bag

I'm playing today. Here is what I made:

One tea bag was sliced into strips, leaving the top and bottom intact. Working on the back of a chunk of carpet, I began rolling the strips gently. I wet my fingertips slightly to get a grip. Here you can see that the whole piece has the beginning of a roll going on.

Now I am beginning to concentrate on the individual strips. You can see 3 of the strips have been done individually.

Once all of the strips have been rolled individually it is time to slice the top and bottom bits clear through to separate the strips into one long piece. Each strip segment has unrolled paper where they join. Roll these to get as smooth a length of paper rope as you can. In the end, I got a 41" length. I'll play with this rope in future art pieces.

I will need to figure out how to encourage the paper to stay in place once rolled. The joining bits of paper unrolled quite a lot. I might try rolling the whole piece again using a sugar and water solution, or spray starch, or something. Time to put the thinking cap on.

So if you want to play with paper rope, hopefully this post gave you a start! Thanks for stopping in, and I hope to see you soon, *smiles* Norma


  1. How fabulous Norma... love the idea of paper rope... and I am yet amazed at just what you can do with a tea bag...

    Jenny x

  2. Love this - have never heard of it, but can imagine the many ways you can use it.
    Anne xox


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