Thursday, March 29, 2012

leap of faith

I am at a point in the construction of a used tea bag paper book that I am making for a friend. It is all ready to be put together in the final format. All illustrations have been transferred by the gel medium method, all quotes inserted, all sketches complete.

Here are two pages side by side.

The entire book from two perspectives.

Normally, artwork in person is much much nicer. But because picmonkey is such a great photo editing program the photos look better than in person. The gel tranfers are foggy and I know that to get them sharp I will have to coat them with more gel. Here is the leap of faith~THE GEL MAY RUIN MY BOOK! The pages may curl permanently, the gel may run over to other pages and ruin them, the watercolor may run horribly and ruin my sketches. Who knows? I've never done this before. So guess what? I am going to do it anyway. I just wanted to show you the beautiful little book now, in case this is the best I ever get from it. We shall see...

Fingers crossed! *smiles* Norma

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  1. Good luck!!! I just love your little birds - your drawings are so delicate and sweet. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
    And thank you for your good wishes, - they are much appreciated.


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