Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fairy Postcard from Switzerland

Sadly, this is a mug shot supposedly of Samuel. It seems she got into some mischief.

I'll let the postcard itself tell the sob story. It reads:
"Oh my fairy, I am downtrodden. I was staying with Renata in a cheese factory. I'm in Switzerland now. I got in to some very serious trouble. We were playing hide-'n-seek in the swiss cheese room and got caught on the security camera. It wasn't me actually in the shot but I couldn't deny it because I was in fact playing too. I got kicked out and have to leave the country. I am so ashamed. I could cry. I love you, Samuel."

Thanks for dropping by. To see more fun postcards in the Postcard Challenge 2012, pop by here.


  1. ohhh I love this, fabulous card. One of my favourites.

  2. lovely card! nice touch to add spidey! You ahve such gorgeous handwriting! M

  3. eeeew, hahaha! :S Will be having trouble getting the cheese out of the fridge after seeing this image lol :D XXX

  4. What a great fun postcard.I will be checking the cheese later. lol..

  5. OOOhh trouble in the cheeze room. Lovely post card though!!

  6. Pls let Samuel know these things happen - people..and spiders...have to take flight from foreign countries every day - he shouldn't feel ashamed. We all have a secret cheese weakness deep down inside of us! Love your creations! Soooo magical! ~*~Lisa

  7. love the image. great spider. clever story


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