Monday, January 21, 2013

Paper Beads

dc90: Bead This week I am the host for the drawing challenge and I have chosen the theme "bead."
All are welcome to join in for this challenge. Just make a bead, or show us a bead, or use a bead in your art. Draw it, photograph it, paint it, bead with it, create it in any way you want. I am making paper beads.
If you want to join IN on this challenge, just leave a comment below and I'll start a list of participants.
The players: Sus, Ariane, Stefanie, BarbaraBee, Renilde, Helen, Emily, Roberto, Kim, Kristen, Tania, Patrice , Sabine, Rachel
For this challenge I made two beads using paper for the material. This one is of rolled watercolor cold pressed paper and covered with used tea bag paper. A bird and bamboo image was drawn and painted on used tea bag paper and this was collaged on top to make the outer layer. I will be rubbing it with cold wax for a matte finish:
This is the other side of the bird bead:
Here are the two beads I made. The other bead is 20-lb. bond regular paper rolled, then covered with brown joss paper. The outer layer is Japanese hand made paper that is heavily textured. It's as simple as that:
Here are the two beads I made of paper. I made the photo large so you can see what the beads are threaded on to. It is a gigantic pine needle (well a needle is three together here) and it measures 9 inches long. I picked up some pine needles on my street and they are about 3.5 inches in length so you can see just how gigantic this big pine needle is. It comes from somewhere in the U.S.A. I now have a whole bag of them that I purchased at a close out sale in a paper studio. I plan to have some serious fun with these.
Well, I hope you like my contribution to the drawing challenge. Participating artists will be posting their work this weekend (26th/27th of January) so drop by here to click on the links to their blogs.
Thanks for dropping in. I hope to see you soon. *smiles* Norma


  1. Yes, please, Norma. I will bead.

  2. Yes, please, dear Norma, count me in for bead.

    xo Ariane.

  3. Yes I like to join too! BarbaraBee

  4. I haven't a clue what to do with 'bead' but inspiration will come, i'm in please dear Norma, x

  5. Hello Norma

    Im in too havent even finished my crown yet but I think Ill be able to post the 2 together...........Now what ever will I do with the theme bead? Off to o some thinking.

    Helen :)

  6. Hello Norma, I am excited for this theme and medium challenge. What a great week this is going to be! I host next week's theme and am choosing between a few themes...Oh good times. paper beads ARE fun!

  7. I want to join in too Norma! Have a good week, and will 'visit' on the weekend.

  8. I would love to try this out Too!! :)

  9. Well, count me in, please, I just had an idea! ;o)

  10. Your beads are lovely,I'm looking forward to seeing the others.

  11. wow, amazing, your beads, dear Norma, are great!
    very aesthetic and so interesting how you did them.
    thank you for inviting
    have a good time
    x Stefanie

  12. until today I had no ieda
    but now I have
    so count me in, please!!
    I have already posted
    your beads....

    Patrice A.

  13. Wonderful your paper beads...looking forward to see more.
    Today I had also an idea for the "bead theme" - if possible please add me.
    ♥ Sabine

  14. Thanks for your oh so generous comment Norma. It made me smile. As for your beads - STUNNING! These are so very uniquely you and so very beautiful. I hope you make some more, and then make a necklace that you can wear or add them to the binding of a book or something. They are delightful!

  15. Norma

    Ive posted my beads and just have to say that your beads are very beautiful so small and intricate would make a lovely necklace. Its amazing how small your work is such detail.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend

    Helen x

  16. Norma, these beads are sensational and I am totally inspired. Twisting beads is addictive, and yours are particularly elegant. Thanks for this challenge! xxoo, sus

  17. Dear Norma,
    your beads... beauuutiful! Fantastic!

    How do you make this tiny pretty things?! Have you got a magnifier?
    and... what is 'joss paper'?

    Looking for your pine adventure ;)
    Thank you for this beading dc!
    x Ariane.

  18. Stunning!
    I'm sorry I missed out on this one. MAybe not too late...we'll see.

  19. your paper beads are so beautiful!!! the pictures of them too!
    wish you a good week! :)) mano

  20. dear Norma, found some time at last to sit down and take a tour(of joy) along all the beads
    you prove here to be an excellent jewel maker too, stunning beautiful beads, i imagine a simple long summerdress and then those beads, it would look great, i always fall in love with your birds xx


Your comments make my day! Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


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