Friday, January 11, 2013


The theme of snake was chosen this week, for the drawing challenge. Our fearless leader Ariane is the host and so gave us this wonderful theme. My offering is a little book of snakes (10 in all) and closed, measures 3.5" X 3.5":
I'd planned to paint a girl petting a snake onto canvas and make it into a brooch, with a crocheted edge, but right in the middle of painting it was not going well and I realized that I was not in the mood to paint. I wanted to work with scissors and glue. So the muse came up with something else entirely. I went with that. Here is the unfolding of the idea:
I used fairly sturdy paper from an old address book from the thrift store, and layered Joss Paper on top. The photo above shows some of the paper, and two snakes cut out from the plastic templates that I made (there are two different snake outlines, that intertwine.) Here is a closer view of the plastic templates. You will have to rely on the shiny reflection of the see-through plastic:
Here is a finished page. You can see that all of the snakes have been given a pair of black beady eyes and a red tongue:
Here are all five pages (one side of them anyway) and they are completely undecorated. I just wanted to get the book put together in a fashion so I could show you and be on time for this challenge!:
Normally, when I make these books I do painting and drawing and collage and glue in quotes and words, or hand write them in, and add sequins, seed beads, gold thread, etc. etc. and I may do that for this snake book if I have time. But for now, it is done. The book ties together with cotton and I plan to make paper beads to finish off the tie ends. I did add a bit of gold acrylic on top of the Chinese writing, to jazz it up a tiny bit.
Thank you for dropping in. I hope to see you again soon! *smiles* Norma
P.S. Drop in to see Ariane's blog where you will see work from the artists playing along in this challenge of SNAKE. There will be a variety of fabby work. Eye candy as they say. Have fun!!
P.P.S. Sus, I have not forgotten about doing a tut for the origami style oak leaf little book.


  1. so fascinating what you created about snake - wow!
    the muse kissed you with passion.
    crazy, I love it!
    x Stefanie

  2. This is so interesting and so creative!!

  3. Wow! this is great- I especially love how the two snakes intertwine...and I have to admit I really like them undecorated...the contrast between work/decoration is really lovely and I think apropos for the Chinese meaning behind snakes- they tend to be very business like minded people :)

  4. Wow, keep the muse entertained, Norma! Perfect paper for the Chinese year of the snake. I love them all! xo Carole

  5. Oh, this is amazing! Perfect, how they gear into each other and create a symmetric pattern! Also love the combination of material, colours and little decoration, very chinese and symbolic!

  6. ingenius Norma! i'm such a fan of the books you make and this one is so clever and beautiful with a chinese air and even symbolism in it, i like it as it is, a lot! xx

  7. I keep looking at
    how the snakes intertwine
    the beautiful paper you used
    and that you made them
    into a book!

    just great

    Patrice A.

  8. Dear Norma
    I hope you play with us next weekend, too, may I invite you and your muse!
    x Stefanie

  9. Brilliant, the material and theme all wonderfully interwoven, just like the snakes.

  10. What wonderful snakes Norma!!! Love how they are interwoven.... the whole book looks so intricate!

  11. The perfect snakes to have a wonderful year of the snake.
    My favourite are the ones with gold red chinese signs.
    ♥ Sabine

  12. I am delighted, dear Norma!
    what a great idea and the implementing... magnificent.
    Intertwined snakes.. the red tongues... a book, Blimey! Great!

    Thank you for playing!

    x Ariane.

    P.S. Our next host is dear Stefanie Seltner. You are following, if its okay for you?!

    1. It's okay, and the theme will be BEADS. More info. to follow Stefanie's hosting tour of duty...*smiles* Norma, xo

  13. Oh, Norma - what a book! Truely wonderful, in that Chinese red paper. I am in awe! thanks for showing us your fascinating process, too. xxoo, sus

  14. snake books - what a great idea and a wonderful work! love the last picture so much! :)) mano

  15. knotty snakes all entwined the purple ones are my favs a really interesting and striking effect. Love them.

    Helen :)


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