Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another fabulous mail day...

Two days in a row. Wow. Well today brought a surprise package from an art friend, Nadine. She made two altered rolodex art cards for my altered rolodex art wheel. The cards are done in her signature style, and I love them! Here they are as I received them in the package:
You can see that I also received a greeting card/post card and an art card/post card along with. Such treasure. Close-ups of the rolodex cards:
And here they are placed in the art wheel:
And this is so great an addition to the wheel. It keeps growing...
Nice to see you today; I hope to see you soon, hugs, Norma, x


  1. Dear Norma,
    wonderful art treasures she has made for you... isn't she really bighearted?! Love it!

    Your birdies hanging on the lamp are very sweet! Great!

    x Ariane.

  2. so beautiful!!!
    love the Rolodex card art..such a fabulous wheel of art!

  3. how man, i mean, woman! have you really?
    oh gosh... i blush...
    i had to keep it quiet for it to be the surprise it turned out to be, which makes me SO VERY HAPPY.
    thank you for your enthusiasm... it is thrilling!

  4. you´re a lucky one, Norma!
    And I am so happy to see a woolf here, she is everywhere with us those days.
    x Stefanie


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