Monday, April 15, 2013

Still the pain of a wound.

dc98: beauty

Beauty sometimes comes by surprise, totally unexpected, and always a gift when it arrives. Thus it was for me when I began this drawing challenge. I'd chosen a haiku to illustrate, using watercolour paints on a beautiful sample of Saint Armand paper from Montreal. I decided to cut and paste small size words from an English-Chinese dictionary which is in my stash of books that I cut up to use for art. The first word of the haiku was 'still' and so I hunted for that word and then when I found it I started reading the translation of it and came across this phrase 'still the pain of a wound' as an example of how to use the word 'still.' THAT was beautiful to me and that is what launched me into what I would offer for this drawing challenge with the theme BEAUTY.
So above you see the front cover of a little book which has two folds in an accordion style book. The dimensions are: 2 1/4" wide X 3 1/2" tall when closed. The book is tied closed with linen or flax or hemp [some unknown natural fibre] string, threaded with gold seed beads. Here is the back of the book closed:

I'm playing with sumi-e style painting using non sumi-e brushes which is not as easy as it would be with proper brushes, and my red ink for my stone stamps has dried up considerably since I last used it, and there are a number of issues but oh how I enjoyed making this book! Here it is opened [strings untied] with a view of both sides:

Our illustrious host Nadine chose the theme of BEAUTY and if you want to see more delicious and beautiful offerings with this theme, drop by to Nadine's blog to view many more sights. Thank you for dropping by today and I hope to see you again soon. May all of you, friends, have the pain of your wounds stilled. Norma, x


  1. Now that is so fascinating, the different interpretation I gave to the phrase on first reading - because I thought it was meaning the pain of the wound was not gone, as in 'I still feel the pain of the wound'. As I continued to read of course I learned the definition meant to quiet the pain, to sooth...
    The book is a beauty, Norma. I am so intrigued with the way it is bound, the thread sewn through the pages. Never seen that before.
    xxoo, sus

  2. beauty surprises me indeed looking and reading your post Norma,
    a lovely piece, like a kind of amulet defusing pain,
    the closing string makes it complete and my eyes are drawn to those lovely curly toes of your bird, it's expression also, asking, hopeful.
    a poetic beauty! x

  3. Beautiful work Norma, and from such an interesting starting point.I love the bird and the effect of the ink from the flowers on the lovely paper.
    Jane x

  4. Norma, this little book is the most gorgeous one I say in a time, its so wonderful with your delicous asiatic style watercolor painting and this incredible beautiful and haptic paper WOW, stunning really and with the interpretation of the word "still" even more valuable!
    Phanastic and I L O V E it!

  5. Norma, this is just beautiful! I love it! The bird, the colours, the paper and most of it the combination of how you tied it. What a wonderful piece!!!!!

  6. This is a gem Norma! and so poetic in translation. The bird is wonderful I love how you did his elegant feet! Your brush work looks confident and perfect a really precious little book!

  7. Wow Norma, that is a truly beautiful little book.

  8. i love your tender-loving-caring description just as much as your birdy booklet, which only goes to show: birds dó have it... ;)))
    and thank you for your best wishes, well received.
    yes, the pain of wounds must be and will be stilled.
    if only in time...
    thxs for playing, norma!

  9. Dear Norma, this makes me stop in my tracks and really look. Beautiful work.
    Have a wonderful week. xo Carole

  10. this is just the most beautiful little book.......the bird is just divine....

  11. Timely and beautiful, my friend. Thank you for your art. Keep sharing your gift. This world is in great need of such gifts.
    Much love.

  12. OMGoodness Norma!! This is more than gorgeous! I love the look of the sumi ink. Your bird is so beautiful, as is the words you have used. What a delightful little book. I love it closed and open. Definitely beauty filled!

  13. just gorgeous!!!
    you're so talented!

  14. This is pure beauty, Norma, absolutely wonderful!!
    It's not only the drawings itself, that amaze me, but the combination of material and ink and collage and that rough string with lovely pearls...
    I'm totally blown away, or let's say it in German: Ich bin hin und weg!!! :o)


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