Saturday, April 27, 2013

DANCING for the sheer pleasure of it!

dc100: dance

A few years ago my daughter and I owned [for about two years] a yahoo group where we swapped flat paper artdolls each month.  I went through my flickr. photos to find some dancing artdolls to show for this weeks' drawing challenge. The theme is dancing, for this 100 mark in the dcs' so it's a special post to celebrate. Our host this week is Patrice, who chose this fun theme for us all to play with. So pop on by to her blog to see all of the contributions with this theme. Let's kick up our heels!! Thanks Patrice!!


  1. I like them all, they are all excellent work, congratulations!

  2. spectacular Norma! I too like them all, but especially love the energy that dancing cat evokes!

  3. Wow, Norma, what a great yahoo group that would have been involved in!
    Lovely dancers you've got here today, celebrating 100 challenges. I especially like the wingless cat doing the jig!
    Have a great week! xo C

  4. Love the yahoo group Norma and your wonderful dancers the wingless cat is gorgeous. So glad to be dropping by to say hello and to catch up.

    Helen x

  5. norma, norma, norma!
    the very idea of putting a swan in a dress! a white swan, that is! i LOVE it!!!!!
    yesssssss, let's kick doll's heels and d a n c e.
    lovely panoply here, i feel in good company..

  6. i like the swan!!! they are all a fantastic group, i can imagine a theatre scene... funny dancers and they are happy to celebrate the d.c. 100!
    x stefanie

  7. Ha, what an amazing group of dancers! I can see them somewhere in a theatre backstage doing their warm-ups and babbling all at once! ;o) What a great yahoo group to swap such lovely dolls! You made me smile! Love all of them!

  8. so great i love them all...but the first one is my favorite♥.

  9. these are such fun bits of crating. Thanks for sharing. Keep smiling and creating

  10. beautiful and crazy
    dancing dolls of paper!
    but like the others
    i just LOVE the swan ;^))

    thank you
    for playing and dancing!
    Patrice A.

  11. these are wonderful! I especially love the butterfly cat! what a great idea for an exchange- thank you for sharing :)

  12. Those are all fabulous but a swan (for swan lake?) is simply superb.

  13. Norma, I absolutely love these dolls, and especially the butterflycat. Have a happy week, my creative friend!

  14. Wow, what an incredible amount of gorgeous and playful dancing paperdolls, the butterfly cat is my favorite also.
    xo. BArbara

  15. I'm so in love with your birds that i tend to forget about your dolls, well Norma...they are gorgeous too, lively, lovely!
    (i remember your theme paper doll drama, it was fun)
    keep on making these beauties dear, xx

  16. There is something about the second doll--her hand position and her expression--that makes me both wonder what she is up to and also makes me smile! What a wonderful art share, even nicer to be shared with a daughter.

  17. Dear Norma, I am hosting our next drawing challenge. May I invite you?

  18. oh norma, so many beauties! I love all of them!!
    :-) mano


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