Sunday, April 7, 2013

Is there a bird in there?

So far we have wire, paper and butcher's tape. Tomorrow I'll add more paper and some wet papier mache strips to see if I can further define the bird if it is there. We will have to see! And, I hope to see you again tomorrow. Night for now, Norma, x


  1. Dear norma, I love this bird already! With its crumbeld paper and the color it has a lot of texture and looks really alife, so cute.

  2. Yes, I see a beautiful bird, please take photos of the step by step, I'd like to see how it evolves this bird (Darwinian curiosity)

  3. So amazing to see art in progress! Highly cool! ~*~Lisa

  4. Part of making things that I like so much is watching how things change- your little bird has gotten off to a good start- it's neat to see what his little insides look like :)

  5. YES! There is a bird in there! What color will she be I wonder, in her completion? xxoo, sus

  6. I love her just the way she is!!!


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